Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Wiki: Corbin Fisher

The last random Wiki for August is about Corbin Fisher, an American Film studio focusing on gay pornography. You should stop reading here if you are underage or have any reason to dislike such subject matter. If you are of age and can handle the information, follow the jump.

Their website can be viewed at (WARNING: THIS IS A PORN COMPANY, VISIT AT YOUR OWN RISK AND ONLY IF YOU ARE OF AGE). They own several other web holdings focusing on amateur porn in the collegiate venue. They also publish photo books of the same nature.

The founder of the studio, also named Corbin Fisher (an alias) and a former police officer, started his company in 2004 and grew quickly. In 2008, the studio began offering 401(k), health benefits, scholarships, and pensions for actors with exclusive contracts. In 2009, Corbin Fisher offered Levi Johnston (father of Bristol Palin's son) a contract.

Industry wise, Corbin Fisher is well-received by the media and others within the industry. They have been recognized with awards and nominations for awards multiple times. Corbin Fisher is mostly noted for the proclivity of featuring straight men in gay male porn.
Side note: The only link in this post is to the Wikipedia page about this company. If you wish to go to their official site listed above, you will have to type it in your own damn self. I am not responsible for you viewing salacious content of your own volition. Got it? ;)

This is going to get me more references from porn sites isn't it? lol Oh well.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS


Booksteve said...

Interesting. Never heard of the company (although I do vaguely recall the Bristol Palin incident). 401K? Health benefits? Always interesting when you humanize this kind of thing and realize all these folks are just trying to get by, same as the rest of us schmucks.

Dee said...

It really does take away from the naughty idea of pornography. And for someone that is just trying to get by and happens to enjoy casual sex with randoms, then it is win win for them. I have read interviews of some of the bigger stars in this industry and many of them are actually happily married with children. And of course, there are the ones that do it to pay their way through college.

I've never been a prude when it comes to stuff like this, but its a shame we don't see stuff about the 401k and the charities and such that this industry supports. We only ever hear about the kinky stuff.