About Me

My name is Dee Sutter. I am 28 years old and the mother of Sabriel the cat. I write from the Cincinnati, Ohio area in an extended three generation household consisting of my parents, me, and my very young sisters. Seriously, it is an "extended generation" because I was 19 and then 20 when the girls were born. My parents do crazy things like that. Oh yeah, and we have a lot of pets.

I read and write primarily fantasy novels. My debut novel, Journey of Shadows, an epic fantasy story, is the first book in the Immortalis Trilogy and is available here. The second book in the Immortalis Trilogy, currently untitled, is in progress and expected by Winter, 2013.

I am very random and easily distracted. I have many interests. This includes:
  • YA fantasy novels
  • Anything involving Alan Tudyk or Ryan Reynolds
  • 80’s movies
  • Coffee of all kinds
  • Crafting
  • Meeting new (and strange) people in bookstores, gas stations, and flea markets
  • Turtles
  • Thrift Shopping
  • Peanut Butter & Chocolate candies
  • Painting
My favorite author is Garth Nix, but I am a huge fan of several authors. C. S. Lewis, Anne Rice, Lewis Carroll, Neil Gaimon, Frank L. Baum, Gregory Maguire, George Orwell, J. R. R. Tolkein, and so many more. My Kindle is full of fantasy books of every kind: high, epic, urban, YA, dark, erotic, classic, etc. I have a good mix of thriller, horror, erotica, and cooking as well.

You can email me or read my blog almost daily, where I post random stuff at will about all the strange stuff that I find interesting. Follow me on Facebook (add me as a friend and like my author page) and Twitter. Find me on Pinterest to see pictures of things that make me go OMG. I spend a good portion of my day at the computer so I am never far away.

Email contact: dee.sutter@gmail.com