Journey of Shadows

Dani is an orphan living in a library in a hidden village in the middle of Cofway Woods, the most dangerous land in all of the Empire. 

When she is spirited away in the middle of the night, all that changes. Confronted with a harsh reality, Dani must endure strange companions and strange lands in a quest to find the family she has never known. Only they can teach her to use the magic she never wanted.

Will she accept the responsibilities put upon her or will her skepticism and inaction doom them all?

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Novel Specs:
  • ISBN: 978-1-4659-0696-0
  • Twenty-One chapters
  • Total words: about 83,500
  • Price: $2.99

Pronunciation Guide*
Amies [name] AH-mess
Malea [name] mah-LEE-uh
Sysealia [name] sih-SEEL-yah
Chavis [name] CHAH-viss
Ransal [name] ran-SOL
Trivianna [name] trih-vee-AH-nuh
Brausk [name] brawsk
Nauticauns [name] NAH-tih-cawns
Marsal [name] mahr-SAHL
Letta [name] LEH-tuh
Jorune [name] JOH-roon
Thralg [name] throlgh
Kotil [name] KO-tel
Drogil [name] DRO-gul
Myrel [name] my-REL
Neryn [name] NEH-ren
Zarihm [name] ZARH-ihm
Immortalis [race] ih-mohr-TAHL-lihs
Shelrind [name] SHEHL-righnd
Bhaki [creature] BAH-kee
oupavia [item] oo-PAH-vee-uh
quayeia [item] KWAY-yah
Esh [title] eesh
Eshal [title] EESH-ool
Maels [place] mayls
Therhbell [place] thuhr-buhl

*I am not an linguist so obviously these are not your "typical" pronunciations found in a real pronunciation guide. I'm a phonetic speller and so everything looks as phonetic as it can be, to me at least. Some words, like "Esh" are purposely screwed around a bit because they sound better aloud than the alternative. Seriously, say " eh-SH my-REL" and "eesh my-REL" and decide for yourself which one sounds better. If you like a pronunciation better than my own, use it! Enjoy it because that is the beauty of reading vs. movies. Everything is in your head and you can make it fit your own version of events. :)