Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Five: 5 Questions with Rene part 2

Continuing my 5 Questions series with Rene, we switched gears to talk about her political activism through Political Commentary. Rene is very intelligent woman and knows her stuff when it comes to politics. She keeps herself informed and abreast of current events. She is also very tolerant of different views/opinions, which I have rarely found in others in the realm of political activism. Even when others do not give her the same courtesy. I respect her so much for that, which is why I decided to interview her on this subject.

Q: You keep a blog about current events. Why did you decide to blog about politics?

A: In any endeavor, if you feel passionate about something, you have to give voice to it. Some stories or issues, it's either write or explode. [I wouldn't have a clue what you mean by that. :P]

Q: What issues are the closest to your heart?

A: Because of my background, I have a real issue with bullies and abuse. Thus, I tend to care most about groups that are abused or disenfranchised like women, minorities, the working poor, etc.

Q: Do you get your political news from any particular sources other than mainstream media?
A: In the morning I start with Google News which gives a spread on everything. I then check the International News sites such as BBC, le Monde and Al Jazeera. Then I check sites like Huffington Post and finally I check news blogs. If I'm looking for news on a specific bill, I'll check, or the Congressional Record. If it's a specific speech, I check YouTube and C-Span. In this way, you get the overview from several angles. [I tried to include the links to these particular places, but forgive me if the links are wrong.]

Q: Do you claim a political party?

A: As my hero, Will Rogers once said, "I belong to no organized political party, I am a Democrat." I go one step further, I am a Progressive Democrat.

Q: How do you feel about political satirist like Jon Daley and Do they hurt or help people understand the current political climate?

A: Humor has always been used to teach and shine a light on politics. I was weaned on Will Rogers and Molly Ivens and love Colbert, the Daily Show, etc.

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Steven Thompson said...

"Jon Daley?" Who is that? Do you mean Jon Stewart of THE DAILY SHOW?

Dee said...

Why yes sir, I did in face mean Jon Stewart. lol I can't believe I didn't notice that, but truth be told, I've always called him Jon Daley. No idea why. And I don't even spell "daily" right. Maybe I keep trying to relate him to that MTV VJ from the 90's. I think his last name was Daley. Or I just made that up. I'm not sure! haha

Dee said...

*fact Son of a... I need more coffee.