Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Empire History

I promised to keep this part short so I will try my best.

The Empire was once ruled by Kings and Queens and representatives of the magic races that lived throughout the lands. The Northlands and Mid-Forest were united under a child king chosen by the Gods to rule until the child reached adulthood. The Upper Wastes, when it was the forest Bog Nial, grew under the watchful eyes of fae troupes and their court. The Lower Wastes, once grazing lands for cattle, and Cofway Woods were less dark and more wonderful during these times under the rule of a peaceful King and Queen. The Southlands also paid homage to a King and Queen. The middle lands, the forest surrounding Nostal and the Wild Woods, were protected by a council of nymphs and humans equally responsible for the lands. The Lunal Isles were ruled by the Shadows, a race of shape shifters that largely kept to themselves. Caless Island, land and sky, were the property of the dragons. The mountain ranges were home to the dwarves to the west and human sorcerers to the east. The Immortalis, the only magic creatures able to also use magic, wandered the world telling stories, healing the injured, and blessing babies and sacred unions.

All this changed during the Great Battle.

The child king, the fae court, the council, and the Kings and Queens disappeared from the Empire. The human rulers died during the Battle. Their strongholds came under direct assault during the fighting. The magic creatures died or vanished from the public eye, hiding from the carnage of war. Most of the humans died, casualties of the war between demons and sorcerers. The lands were ruptured and scorched. Animals ran into the wilds hoping to flee the danger only to fall upon more danger pulling up the rear.

Bog Nial dried up and withered away. The pastures became a swamp land. The Shadows, fae, dwarves, nymphs, dragons, Immortalis, and other fantastic creatures disappeared. The humans scattered to settle in remote villages around the Empire. Caless Island ceased to exist.

The whole of the Empire became united under a single banner, that of Lady Amies, the lone survivor of the heros of the Great Battle. She now sits as headmistress of the School where she attends to the education and training of all of the Empire's children. Well, most of the children.

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