Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Have a Confession...

The past few weeks has been incredibly busy and I have slacked on my blogging. I know I promised that I would be updating this blog with a few posts per week and then didn't. I haven't forgotten about you and this blog. I have been swamped at work and literally come home with absolutely no energy to do anything. I have sat at my computer for a few hours a night and tried to look like I was being productive while in reality, I was just almost sleeping with my eyes open. Yes, I have been that tired.

With Journey of Shadows finally coming out, work deciding that everything must be done before Spring Break, and my stupidly weak immune system trying to recuperate from a week long battle with strep, the past three weeks has been a true FML moment. C'est la vie.

I have 3 blog posts coming this week that are 100% happening (because they are already written and scheduled) and another two that are possibly going to happen. We shall see about those possible ones.

Until then, please accept my apologies for my extended absence. Stay tuned.

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Arts in the Family said...

No worries! Get some rest. Catch more than a few zzzzz's. Enjoy life!

Alberto Ramirez Jr.