Thursday, March 08, 2012

I'm Sick!

I am home sick today. It started yesterday with a slightly sore throat before lunch and an aching back after lunch. Neither gave me much concern at first. I hadn't drank much water which I attributed to the sore throat. My work  requires some lifting, pushing, pulling, etc. so I figured that was why my back hurt. But it just kept on. By 2pm, my ears started hurting and feeling full (which was so weird to me... I've never had an ear infection or anything). By 3pm, I was chilling really bad and the back ache became a full body ache. When it was time to go home, my brain started feeling fuzzy... at least, that's what I call it. My reaction speed was slowed down, my vision was more blurred than usual, and I felt like if I closed my eyes, I'd sleep immediately. I had the nurse take my temperature before I left work. It was 99.6. Less than 30 minutes later when I got home, it was already at 101.2. At bedtime, it was 103.6. And that was after taking Motrin! I got up at 5am and took more Motrin. An hour later, we checked my temperature to see if I could go to work or if I needed to call in and it was 102.2. So I'm stuck home today. I'm going to try to get some sleep but I went to bed at freaking 7:30pm and slept through until 5am. I'm not that tired right now but I need to *try* at least.

Just an update, Journey of Shadows is selling a lot better than I expected. I've already sold 6 copies and have had 10 previews downloaded. That rocks! I opted in to Smashword's Read an Ebook Week promotion, so right now you can find my book in the REW catalogue for 25% off the listed price. Pretty cool!

I'll hopefully feel better soon. I'm going to try to call my doctor this afternoon to see if he will call me some antibiotics in without making me get out today. I really hope the fever goes away soon!


Booksteve said...

Yikes! That's a pretty darn high temp! I always heard that children can get that high with no big deal but that for adults that's danger level!

David had to stay home today, too. Elizabeth came looking for him when he wasn't at the bus stop.

Get some rest but update us when you can!

Dee said...

The last time I was sick (end of November if you recall) I ran 103+ for several days. Mom had me in and out of the shower multiple times a night. Thank God for my mom. I hate being sick and just become helpless and bitchy.

I'm still running a fever. I got a hold of my doctor and have an appointment today for 2:15. He wasn't in for them to say "just come on in" so I had to make an appointment. bleh

Is David feeling better? Are you? <3