Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Writing Goals

Since I am in "downtime" between waiting for Immo2 to get through editing and waiting for NaNo2012 to get here to start Immo3, I have a list of items that I am working on.

For Immo3, I have some research on writing battle scenes as that is something I am feeling iffy about writing. Although, I have never written about sailing before (and honestly can count the number of times on a boat on one hand) yet managed to do so fairly well in Journey of Shadows. So winging it isn't out of the question. 11.5 weeks until NaNo starts so I have a decent amount of time.

My writing goals are:

  1. Research specific topics
    1. realistic and descriptive battle scenes
    2. 15th century Moldova
    3. colonial America
    4. Cincinnati in the 1800's
    5. antiques from 1300's and up
  2. Write something daily
    1. back story for a few other stories in the works to pick up on next year
    2. journaling through NaNo prep
Do you have writing or goals related to your profession that you are working through?

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS


Steven Thompson said...

I have things I want to read, need to write...but I can't seem to make myself write. I have professional writing projects I need to work on that I can't seem to discipline myself to do.

My goal--to stop spending whole days and weeks finding ways to avoid writing!

Dee said...

I find myself dealing with that a lot too. When I really need to stop procrastinating, I usually have to leave all my Facebook games. lol <3 DS