Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday Five: Most Annoying Habits of Those Around Me

Call me a snob or worse, but I easily annoyed. I rarely show that annoyance because I was blessed with a lot of patience, but the annoyance is still the same. Here are some things that happen on an almost daily basis that makes my eyes twitch.

It is annoying when people:

  1. Act like I must be 12 years old because I look a lot younger than I am.
  2. Speak over me because I am literally shorter than them.
  3. Call me weird because I don’t get blitzed every night, don’t slack while working, and tend to follow the rules however stupid they may seem.
  4. Assume that I have no life experiences and/or must be very immature because I am not married and do not have children.
  5. Say “One day I’d love to be a writer.” You either are a writer or you are not.

Just so its clear, I know I do annoying things too. Sometimes I'm not actively aware that I am doing them though. You would not insult me if you called me on the following:

  1. Running a conversation and/or just not getting the hint that its time to stop talking.
  2. Ignoring a speaker because I either don't hear them or don't realize they are talking specifically to me.
  3. Getting lost in my own mind and shutting out everyone else as I work in a mindless haze.
  4. Singing and dancing as I go about my business when I have no talent in either.
  5. Refusing a social invite because I actually enjoy being a shut-in most of the time even though I complain about not having anything to do.
Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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Steven Thompson said...

I'm surprised at your first complaints, there, however valid. From experience, one simply needs to spend a few short minutes with you to sense a maturity beyond your years. Silly, cynical but definitely never immature.