Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday Five: Things My Family Does When the Power Goes Out

Our power went out last weekend due to storms. It was out from about 6pm until 4am. My family, for whatever reason, lose all threads of common thought processes and immediately rush into borderline mass hysteria. This is what each of my family members did as soon as (or later, a little after sunset) the power went out.

  1. Scrambles for candles all through the house, cusses about being out of lamp oil (Mom)
  2. Digs out the generator, cusses because it is always low on gas (Dad)
  3. Flips on the light switch in every room thinking one of them will come on, actually asks why the light won't work (Sister 1)
  4. Asks “when is the power going to come on” constantly, actually assumes I can tell them an answer (Sister 2)
  5. Calls and suggests a cookout in the middle of the night because he is bored with no tv (Brother)
*sigh* Thankfully, I had a fully charged Harvey ready to go so I turned on some music and played World of CryptoPics for about an hour and a half until my battery got low. Then I turned off my cell and went to bed. The rain did not continue through the night so I wasn't lulled to sleep by the tap-tap-tap on the roof but at least I got my nightly nonogram done.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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