Friday, November 25, 2011

Daily Posts to Resume

I really enjoyed the past couple months writing a daily post on a specific subject. It allowed me to share some of my interests without talking about myself. Over the past few months, until NaNo took over my life (and blog), I managed to share some of my favorite fairy tales, thrift shopping locales, and books. I also shared some personal stories and helpful information. It is my hope that readers have enjoyed these posts as much as I have.

I know that as a writer, I should be pushing my writing. But the fact of the matter is that I don't like to do that. Yeah, yeah. I'm supposed to be branding myself for the interwebs. Meh. I enjoy writing, just as I enjoy a myriad of other things. After a lot of soul searching and debate, I finally decided what I will be writing on from December 1st until I feel inclined to change it up again.

Here is my *new* list of dailies (and a short explanation for each) to look forward to once the madness of NaNo is over:

Monday Machinations: So a machination by definition is [intrigue, plot, or scheme]. On Mondays, I am going to address such things, be it current events, famous historical episodes, television shows/movies/books, whathaveyou. We'll see if I can get really creative when I'm digging around.

Tuesday Treats: It seems like every month has a holiday built around food. Here in the north, we had Sweetest Day on the 3rd Saturday of October. All of us Americans had Halloween on the 31st of October and Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday of November. Then Christmas rolls around for our Christian Americans soon. Pagans have their own holidays around this time of year: Mabon, Samhain, and Yule (the actual names might be different depending on the particular Pagan flavor). Hanukkah, Yom Kippur, Kwanzaa, and many others join the list. And those are just holidays that have passed recently or are coming up soon! I am going to take the opportunity to post some of my favorite recipes on Tuesdays, possibly with pictures. I highly doubt they will be *my* pictures so I will try to site where I lifted the recipe and the photos whenever possible.

Wednesday Weird: Getting your news from mainstream news outlets is like getting ice cream from a butcher. You might get *something* resembling ice cream, but all bets are on it *not* actually being ice cream. I just made that up. Anyways. Weird news happens all the time. My friends share the strangest stuff in my Facebook newsfeed. Yahoo news has a section of their site dedicated to it. Wednesday is one of those days that we all need some funny in our week. I'm going to find weird news, pictures, videos, etc. to post on Wednesday. I'll be sure to provide commentary on why it struck me as odd. Chances are, it won't be why *you* find it weird. I'm weird like that.

Thursday Thought: I like quotes and inspirational sayings. I tend to share the funniest on my personal Facebook page. I find myself fascinated by idioms and colloquial sayings. Thursdays will be dedicated to such things until I get bored with it. I lived in the South for a long time so I have a lot stored up that I try to avoid using in regular conversation. Maybe I can get the uniquely Southern sayings out of my system.

Friday Five: This seemed to be a pretty simple daily post in the past so I will be continuing my Friday Fives. It shares a little bit of information about myself without going overboard. I think I'm going to try to pick a theme for each month and tailor the lists to the theme. Maybe. We'll see what December has in store.

Saturday Salute: Anyone that knows me understands that I resolutely support our troops. I may not support the government and the status quo, but I always support the troops. I'm going to use Saturdays as a means to talk about different branches of the military (briefly, I promise) and things pertaining to it. I may recognize a particular event, a person, etc. Who knows.

Sunday Scene: I am a bit of a dork. I love John Hughes films from the 80's. There are many other films that I look on very fondly filmed over the past few decades (less so much the current decade). So imagine my thrill when I found that there are several sites that have uploaded the scripts to many popular movies?! I'll be picking some scenes from my favorites to share with you. Don't worry, I will make sure to provide the link to said scripts when I capture them.

So what do you think about those new daily postings? Any qualms? Better suggestions? I'm open to change so long as it is interesting and will keep me entertained. :D

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS


Arts in the Family said...

Wow! Very ambitious and cool. I've always enjoyed the variety your posts offer and glad you'll be continuing that. I like your style. Es muy bueno, chica! Hope you had a great turkey day!

Alberto Ramirez Jr.

Arts in the Family said...

Since your an Ice Age movie fan I'll bet you watched the Ice Age holiday special. We're fans of the movies too but missed the special. Just wondering if enjoyed it. The best comedies in the last decade or so seem to be animated. Don't know why.

Alberto Ramirez Jr.

Dee said...

An Ice Age... Holiday special?! Why did I not hear about this?! I'm a sad panda now! Off to find out if one of my friends TiVo'ed it or something. lol Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you for the kind words. You make me blush. <3