Friday, November 11, 2011

NaNo Journal: November 5-November 11


Remember, remember... the 5th of November!

I tried a new place for Fri/Sat evening writing. After the crap at Starbucks last night, I'm not so inclined to go there again for a while. I found the McD's between the house and EC has wireless. Fantastic! They also have the largest play place in what has to be the entire county. Not fantastic! And a single outlet for the entire lobby. Fail beyond fail. It was fairly quiet though so it will work for a bit. At least on Fri/Sat nights.

Got Spotify downloaded to the netbook so I was able to stream better music than the musiak McD's had. Headphones helped block out the beeping from the kitchen and kids screaming in the play place. Nothing could be done about the single outlet being under the booth right beside the bathrooms though. *sigh* Better than listening to someone tune a guitar though.

Peaceful evening for the most part. I can probably deal with McD's on nights that I need to escape.

(A little old man started bitching about me hogging the one outlet in the entire lobby. I offered to share the table with him and he said something along the lines of "Share? Share!? You should give me that seat! Kids these days don't know how to respect their damn elders." His wife was very apologetic. The evening was a huge success looking back through this week's entries though. Keep reading.)

WC: 2552
AWPD: 1598
TWC: 10069


Ah. Sunday. The most productive -i.e. quiet- day of my week. Good thing since I need to write just under 5k to reach my 1st short term goal. 3-4 hours til the 'rents, Gran, and the girls get back from their various churches. Coffee is already brewing. I got this. (hahahahahaha)

... So that didn't go quite as I had hoped. Or well, it didn't go at all. *sigh* I'm still above or near the regular goal for day 6 so its okay. But, I have gotten a lot further behind on my personal goals so week 2 aught to be interesting.

(Oh that is just cute. If I had only known what lay ahead...)

WC: 0
AWPD: 1664 ...balls
TWC: 10,069



Nothing written on the 7th. Just like the 6th. Not even a journal entry on the 7th. Yay procrastination? No? Fuck. Today makes 22 days left. I'm up to needing 1,815 WPD just to reach the NaNo goal. I'm not even going to calculate my personal goal. Bleh! I'm at Panera trying to get in the writing zone. I got a free cinnamon roll with my Panera card so things started on a good note. On The Rocks is streaming. The place is quiet now that the lunch rush is over. Time to get to work.

Alright, Panera didn't go so well. Ran into a friend from high school that I haven't seen in nearly 10 years and gabbed for hours.

Tomorrow will be better.

(I am beginning to see a pattern here. Yay for free cinnamon roll right?)

WC: 0
AWPD: 1815
TWC: 10069


I ended up splitting my cinnamon roll with Mom and Gran. Got zippo written. WTF is wrong with my concentration? This "ooh SHINY" shit has to stop.

Week 2 sucks balls and not even remotely in the good way. Grrr.

(I would laugh about the balls remark here if it weren't so completely sad.)

WC: 0
AWPD: 1091
TWC: 10069


Nada. I don't want to know my AWPD needed now.


(Do I really need to explain this?)

WC: 0
AWPD: 1997
TWC: 10069

Please shoot me. Or ... Nevermind.

Midway Dinner for Cincy is tomorrow night and I'm only 1/5 of the way. *SMH* One of my writing buddies (Love you Raven) sent me NaNo mail earlier telling me she was going to come to Ohio and kick my ass if I didn't get working and then cheered for me. hahaha

Spent the morning with the girls at their school Veteran's Day program. It was touching to see so many Veterans being honored by the school. There were so many from every branch, dozens of different MOS, active duty and retired soldiers, vets from Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc. The Junior ROTC was in their dress greens and they were precious!

(I'm feeling slightly screwed even though I know I can still pull out of this slump. I averaged close to 5.5k WPD last year. I'm hating myself for not writing nearly all damn week though. It has just been a huge week of distractions, chaos, and excuses. *sigh*  Right now, if I still plan to get to 60k by the end of the month, I have to write 2628 WPD. Yikes.)

WC: 0
AWPD: 2101
TWC: 10069

Just an end note to say to all the veterans out there: Thank you for your service. Your sacrifices and courage will never be forgotten.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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