Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NaNo Journal: November 26-30


Nursed a headache all day yesterday. Went to bed at 6pm for a nap and slept til 8 this morning. Still have the headache. 5 cups of coffee and 3 cups of water isn't making it let up either. (I should have known this meant something worse than "just" a headache was happening. Keep reading.)

Nothing written yesterday thanks to that but I'm on it now.

Brausk's story is finally complete at about 42,000 words. To put just how long that is in perspective, last year I wrote the prologue, Dani, and Thralg's sections in 60,000. Brausk's is really long.

I'm starting on Myrel's story tonight. I don't expect it to take more than 15k. I still have Ash's part and the last 3 chapters after that. Steven is going to hate me by the time I get the 1st draft done! haha

Success! Brausk is done. Myrel is flying. Finally. :)

Good WC tonight. Less than 5k from the NaNo end goal. And I still have 4 days of writing left! 15k for my personal goal. It is totally possible still. Less than 4k per day. I can do that.

Wish me luck. (4k per day is totally possible provided the stars, planets, and moons are aligned properly.)

WC: 4280
AWPD: 1089
TWC: 45644


6,010 words since this morning and I have crossed the 50k mark. I also finished Myrel's story in basically two days. His part is just a few hundred shy of 10k words. I'm certain it will need bulking up in the 2nd draft, just as I know Brausk's 42k will need to be shortened.

I am off to find out what Ash is up to with the Drogil. Back later. :)

Oh yea, 8400 away from my 60k goal right now. 3.5 days left. I got this!

Started Ash's arc. So far, I managed to recap the adventures with the Drogil from Immo1 and give Ash a concussion. I really wish I knew where his arc is headed because I have no clue.

Will the white Drogil become his mate? Is she a machination of the Lady? I don't freaking know. Nor do I know how this man plans to tame this wild pack of dogs. (I wanted to bang my head against a wall, because it felt like I was doing so anyways.)

The Kotil have been mentioned several times so I am assuming they will make an appearance. Time will tell.

Definitely time for bed!

WC: 7369
AWPD: 0 Freaking A. Still need 2.33k/day to hit 60k
TWC: 53013


I woke up with a 103 degree fever. And sore throat. Plus the headache. Fuck. I've been downing water all day and tylenol every 4 hours on the dot. I get times where I feel fine and then it feels like my ears are on fire but I'm freezing. I hate being sick. sigh

I did manage to write today so I'm calling it a successful day regardless. I know of want to go lay in a hot bath but I think that is counterproductive when breaking a fever. Dammit. (I did it anyways later that night... and then passed out in the tub. Oy.)

WC: 3710
AWPD: 0 for 50k, 1855 for 60k
TWC: 56723

I have strep throat. Officially. Went to the doctor and got a strep test. On antibiotics. Downing orange juice and water. I'm too exhausted to write anything and I don't see tomorrow being any better so I gave in. I added in the WC from my Dear [Character] letter and then validated at 57,048 words for NaNo2011. I'm 3k short of my personal goal but I'm not complaining. All I want to do is rest.

(My mom ended up putting me in a cool shower that evening around 8pm. My fever kept dropping and then spiking. The tylenol didn't seem to be helping at that point. Oh My God the shower sucked. But I know I needed it because around 4:30 it was so high that I was getting a bit delusional. The kids were doing homework and one of them read an answer to me that my brain ended up scrambling. Example since I can't remember it now: "Spell succeed." "T-H-9-9-N-E-X" Yeah, it was that bad.

There is not an entry for today since I already validated. I'm glad I did because it was a very rough night and I feel like microwaved poo. I was up at 6 and thought I was doing good by taking all my medicine while my mom got the girls ready for school. It didn't occur to me that taking 1 antibiotic, 3 tylenol, 1 iron supplement, and 2 antidepressants on an empty stomach was a terrible idea. I ate a piece of bread afterward! My temperature was up and I was sick to my stomach about 10 minutes later so I ended up back in a cool shower. It didn't really help and I ended up getting sick. At least I'm not sick to my stomach anymore!

So this concludes my NaNo Journal for 2011. I hope you have enjoyed reading it. It was fun for me to share it! NaNo is done for me until 2012. For those of you still writing today, YOU CAN DO IT! I have faith in you. :) Even if you only wrote 50 words all month, you are still a winner because that was 50 words you didn't have in October. Take a moment to congratulate yourself! New daily posts start tomorrow and my blog will get back to normal. For now, I'm taking my sickly ass back to bed.)

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