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NaNo Journal: November 12- November 18

11-13-11 Entry for 11-12-11

So technically, this entry is for the events of the 12th because I haven't went to bed yet.

Tonight was the 1/2 Way Dinner for the Cincy NaNo group. It was at an Irish Pub which thrilled me to no end. Had no idea there were Irish Pubs here. And they have Strongbow on tap. Score.

Spent a good hour and a half driving around the Levee trying to find a parking lot that would take debit. I'm an idiot and didn't think to bring cash for parking. Glad I left early! (I have to mention this because I didn't write it in the journal. While driving around, some idiot frat boy walked out in front of my truck. I slammed on my breaks and cracked the window to ask him what he wanted. I thought there might be some sort of emergency. He and his buddy then asked me to take them -somewhere- that I didn't quite understand because they were stupidly intoxicated and couldn't speak without slurring their words. When I told them no, they asked me why I stopped then. It didn't occur to them that if I hadn't stopped I would have ran his stupid ass over.)

The service was fantastic. The food was decent; the prices were okay. The company was wonderful. Only bad part: I got one glass of Strongbow and then they ran out. At least I got one right? Better than none. haha (Several of us ordered Strongbow. One of our ML's ordered it and they brought her some other cider that starts with an M. When the tap ran dry, I tried a glass of this M-cider and well... it was alright. It certainly didn't measure up to Strongbow.)

Got home and started writing almost immediately. About 2.5 hours netted me over 2k words. I'm not even close to on track but its a start.

WC: 2,155
AWPD: 2,099
TWC: 12,224


Ah! A feeling of accomplishment. Finally, a good day! I'm no where near on track (still) but today and last night put a huge dent in it.

I got nothing done while everyone was at church today. At least nothing  as far as my novel. I did, however, write up "Dear [Character]" letters to basically vent at my story. I had a good laugh while writing them. Even better is that it seems to have worked. (See post here: )

I managed to get a lot written despite 3 children clamoring for my attention and seeking to be heard over the others, a sick and possibly dying cat, and mounting apprehension for tomorrow. I have a job interview tomorrow by the way. YEAAAAA! Very excited. (I managed to send the kids off to another room and the cat rallied later in the week. She is fine now fyi.)

Going to bed early after only 4 hours of sleep last night. Back at it after the interview. Starbucks or McD's... Almost rather McD's because I'll be hungry. :)

WC: 3,665
AWPD: 1,896
TWC: 15,889

11-15-11 (for 11-14-11)

Another late night here. I need sleep in a bad way. I was awake a very long time last night unable to sleep. 5am came way too soon. I still ended up late to the interview thanks to a time confusion. (I am so freaking tired! There is not enough coffee in this house to make my fatigue go away. December 1st is sooo far away and yet way too close for comfort. *sigh*)

I was way too irritated to settle down to write after that huge screw up. By the time I was ready to write, Mom got home and the girls were due any minute. (And by screw up, I do mean a BIG screw up. I didn't write down my interview time because I *knew* when it was. Then I started second guessing myself. I showed up 30 minutes later. /headdesk The interview was great, but I doubt it makes up for being late. Ugh, fuck me.)

We ended up getting more fish tonight. Sir Swims-A-Lot now has a much larger tank that he is sharing with Hoover, Saki, Meringue, Bugs, and Larry; an algae eater, grey fish with orange/black stripes, gold and white striped feeder fish, bug eyed black fancy gold fish, and another gold and white feeder. It took hours! (Sadly, Saki died 2 days later. I was bummed because he was the one I convinced the girls to name Saki instead of Sushi.)

I finally managed to focus around 11:30pm and pushed out some words. Not what I needed to write but it adds to the total anyways.

WC: 1,683
AWPD: 2027
TWC: 17572


Midway Day is officially here. Not that it did me much good.

I nursed a headache all day so I slept more than anything. The kiddies got home and I had to deal w/ them being in trouble at school. Ah, the joys of Elementary School. (They are 8 and 9. Trouble is their middle names right now. When I have kids, I swear I am only having boys!)

My head still hurts and I am sick to my stomach so I'm going to stop stubbornly staring at the computer while refusing to write anything. (This night was not a case of writer's block. It was a case of "I know exactly what to write but I refuse to put anything down because I'm just going to have to stop a few paragraphs in to either go throw up or go to sleep." It happens unfortunately.)

WC: 0
AWPD: 2,162
TWC: 17,572


I highly doubt anything is getting done written today.


I was right. Nothing written. Still sick from that headache. Spent some time cleaning and staring at the computer. Nothing came to mind. My brain hurts and writing like that tends to derail my stories. (I find it very interesting that I lied to myself while writing this entry. To be honest, I don't really remember writing it very clearly. But anyways, that "tends to derail my stories" line is a bunch of bullshit. Writing like that makes me cranky and I end up killing characters. That's all. Okay, so maybe it derails them in a way. But yea, I had no mojo.)

I want to go to bed but we just got a late night visitor so I have to be friendly. And by friendly, I mean they get to take over my computer. >:( (My cousin showed up around 9 and stayed the night. I haven't spoken to her in a long time so I had to be friendly. When I said I needed to get to working on writing, she said she was going to jump on the computer before I hogged it all night. A vein in my forehead was throbbing. That is my computer, not a communal household computer. Yes, I'm possessive of my PC. I don't let people on it because most people don't know how to use it without screwing it up, I have personal docs/pics on here -nothing kinky, just personal-, and I'm not accustomed to sharing. haha)

Oh well. Not like it did me any good today anyways. I spent some time outside today while the rugrats stacked firewood. Maybe manual labor will make them quit being assholes as school. (Yes, their punishment for being bad at school was manual labor. Yelling at them, grounding them, whatever doesn't work. For some reason, I can't beat them -that was a joke, alright?-. So manual labor it is. And before anyone flips out on me, I was not just stacking and hauling wood at their age, but I was splitting it too. There is nothing wrong with a kid getting his or her hands dirty stacking wood, pulling weeds, racking leaves, or whatever else. Yea, I'm pissy about it because someone already tried telling me I was being too hard on them. Puh-leeeese.)

WC: 0
AWPD: 2,317 Dammit!
TWC: 17,572

11:47 pm

Much better day today. It seems to help that I started early today. I took a break for homework and more manual labor when L & E got home until after they went to bed.

Best day yet of 2011 NaNo. Let's keep this up!

WC: 6,900
AWPD: 1,967 (2,736 if I'm going to make 60k)
TWC: 24,438

11-18-11 (technically 11-19-11)

It has been a long day and I haven't written anything. But, it is 1am and I am still not even close to tired. I'm going to get some writing done tonight before I go to bed and will total it with tomorrow's WC.

WC: 0
AWPD: 2,130 (this should be better but I'm not changing it until tomorrow's count)
TWC: 24,438

So week 3 has been much more productive for me, even though I had some rough days. I'm definitely not managing that "write every day" thing, but I'm coming up with creative excuses. In truth, I do write everyday, even if it isn't on my novel. I text, blog, and email everyday. I am on my personal Facebook frequently since I'm trying to keep up with the Occupy stuff.

Saki, the girls's grey fish with orange and black stripes died. Nermal, my deceased aunt's cat, looked like she was a goner for several days but she rallied right about when I was seriously considering taking her to be put down. Poor thing didn't eat for 3 days. I could barely get her to drink anything. She could hardly support her weight, and she had lost a LOT of weight during that time. She slept behind the fireplace almost all the time and refused to go outside. It was bad. Mom said she ended up getting sick (I'll spare the stinky details) and seemed to almost immediately perk up. So I suppose she must have ate a poisoned critter and had the feline equivalent of food poisoning or some such ailment. I'm just glad she is feeling better!

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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