Saturday, November 26, 2011

NaNo Journal: November 19- November 25


I wrote for several hours last night before I finally went to bed. I managed 3,727 words. That is still going on today's total. I'm too lazy to go back and amend the last journal entry. :)

Kids are asleep. Parents are headed to bed. Time to get some writing done!


I had another great night once everyone went to bed! I'm finally reaching the end of Brausk's story for Immo2. This is going to need to be cut way down but I really like where the story has went the past few days.

Write-in tomorrow in EG at Panera. I doubt I will be able to get anything much written with all that noise but I will try. (I love write-ins. They are the best part of NaNo imo. The community of NaNo is the best writing group I have ever found.)

With tonight's new total, I am finally caught up! Woooo!

WC: 3727+4619= 8346 Holy SHIT! W00t! (Wonderful day! Best day of NaNo.)
AWPD: 1573 Much better
TWC: 32,704


Write-in was fun! I spent more time talking than writing so I only got about 500 words. I'm sure they were ready to smother me to get me to STFU. I was and still am hyper. And I've had a couple ciders since getting home so there is a good chance I wont be able to read this tomorrow. haha

Back to writing. After a snack. Wonder if we have popcorn...


I bought Liquid Story Binder tonight while the NaNo sale was happening. $20 bucks off. Score. I'm really liking this program. :)

Didn't get back into Immo2 tonight. Back in the morning.

(Note to self: Popcorn is the devil. I didn't get anything written this night and I have no recollection of buying LSB. Lack of sleep, hyperness, ciders, etc. I blame those. haha)

WC: 478
AWPD: 1682
TWC: 33182


Nothing written. I have no excuses. I got stuck on a scene before yesterday's write-in and got less than 500 written on it all day yesterday. I stared at it multiple times a day since then and haven't gotten anywhere. Ugh. Need sleep!

(This scene was seriously pissing me off. I started it before the write-in, worked on it during and after, and then all day on the 21st. Almost nothing written between 2 days because I was stuck and I can't write out of order. Ugh. Such a waste of time. I did finally get past that scene and it turned out really good. Patience is key I suppose.)

WC: 0
AWPD: 1869
TWC: 33182


I spent most of the day out and about with Mom. We got 3 new fishies and a bunch of stuff for the tank. I want a green puffer. It is a brackish water fish and he looks like a porcupine puffer in miniature. Not sure what I would call it. The new fish are Bugs Jr., Stripes, and Polka Dots. Those girls are adorable sometimes.

Got some writing in tonight, but not a lot. I'm so tired I can barely hold my eyes open. Bed time!

(I love animals. I do not love fish in general, but the girls have a fish tank that my mom and I have been taking care of since the fair in September. I saw this cool fish at 2 different pet stores on the 22nd and I want one. Well, I did until I was told that they really are a type of puffer fish and are venomous. Anyone know if that is true? I'm too lazy to Google them. lol Also, gold fish are dirty, disgusting, nasty fish just so everyone knows. All they do is eat and poop. It would be cute if they were a baby that I could cuddle and make silly faces at. As fish, not so much.

2289 words is nothing to sneeze at, btw. I just didn't think it was much considering I was again behind on my WC. If anyone is taking notice, any AWPD that is above 1667 means I am behind on my TWC.)

WC: 2289
AWPD: 1817
TWC: 35471


Only a week left of November. 50,000 feels so far away. I will get there. In fact, I will be writing through Turkey Day tomorrow @ the family dinner. I will get this 50k done at least! (I'm yo-yo'ing between being caught up and being just a tad bit behind. This is a concerning pattern. I've never had such trouble reaching my WC goals. But this is a whole different situation as far as where my writing desk is located. Driving. Me. Crazy. I really need a few more 10k days to tidy this competition up... and to reach 60k!)

WC: 3870
AWPD: 1523
TWC: 39341


Happy Turkey Day!

I am thankful for many things. My top 5 are:

  1. My friends and family
  2. My troops
  3. Having a roof over my head and food in the oven
  4. The warmth of the stove and my coffee
  5. A society that is slowly waking up and fighting for what they believe in!

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving in America. Everyone else... Its Thursday and tomorrow is Friday so yaaaa! :) ( I posted a different list on my blog later this same day about what I was thankful for... and if you compare the two, you can tell exactly how my day went. lol)

Counting today (since is is sooo damn early), there is officially 7 days left of November and NaNo. I'm just shy of 40k as of last night. Good shape to reach 50k by midnight on the 30th. I can still hit 60k if I try really hard. We shall see.

Even with starting so early, I did not get as much written today as I hoped. I had three places to visit though, so I am not surprised.

Still a good WC. Not complaining at all.

I am stuffed fulled of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and deviled eggs. No desserts for me. I'm not a fan of pie in any flavor. Yes I have been told many times that I must not be human. :)

Bed time! (So much food, so little time. Yummmmm!)

WC: 2024
AWPD: 1234 This number seems... off [1395 =50k; 3106 =60k] (Those two counts in brackets is the actual AWPD counts. No idea how I was so off in the math.)
TWC: 41364


(I didn't write anything on the 25th, not even a journal entry. I went to sleep at 6pm and didn't wake up until 8am this morning. I've been nursing a headache that is still hanging on. My eyes and temples are throbbing. The back of my head and neck are aching. I'm sniffly and congested. Please, please, please for all that is holy, don't let me be getting sick. Only a few days of NaNo left and I still have quite a bit to write. Working on it now, I swear. At least I've finally crossed 40k!)

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