Saturday, November 05, 2011

NaNo Journal: October 31-November 4


NaNo starts in 4 hours. I didn't get anything done today as planned. It is Halloween. I should have expected huge distractions for today since I live with two little girls. They look incredible in their handmade costumes though!

The original plan for NaNo had been to start Immo3 but Immo2 is just too much a WIP (That means Work In Progress for those that don't know.) that I couldn't justify rationalize starting Immo3. Yes, I know roughly how Immo2 will end. But I'm hazy on about 1/2 of the story... because I haven't written it yet, and I'm a pantser so the details just aren't there yet.

Starting Immo3 now would sort of be like reading only the last 3 pages of the 1st book in a series before starting the 2nd. You know *maybe* the resolution of the 1st book but absolutely no context to relate to the 2nd. Lame.

So I am taking being a NaNo rebel to a higher degree than just continuing the next book in a series. Instead, I'm continuing with Immo2. *Gasp* No worries, I'm only counting the new words I write in November. I won't count the 60k I wrote last NaNo. Nor will I count the few thou I added since. Yay rebel NaNo!

My plans for today were:
  • nap from 4pm to 10pm *ish*
  • reread what I wrote on Immo2 last year
  • watch the movie I got a few nights ago (thanks to Steven for finding me a copy)
  • clean up my desk and surrounding area

I have gotten 0 of that done and NaNo starts in less than 4 hours. Shit. Well, the nap and movie are obvious lost causes now. Perhaps I can get most of Immo2 read after I clean up. It doesn't take that long to read through 60k words right? *sigh*


Well, I didn't get started writing at midnight. In fact, I didn't start until about 9 tonight. Writing from midnight until I pass out vs. hanging with a friend and drinking until I pass out -- from req. sleep, not from alcohol, natch. I chose the 2nd option clearly. (Rereading this, it sounds A LOT like I was talking about drinking until I blacked out. That was not the intention, neither during the drinking, nor during the writing. I meant drinking until I was ready to go to sleep. Jeeze, this entry makes me sound flaky. haha)

DWC: 2,513
AWPD: 1,638
TWC: 2,513


Barely nothing written. Unproductive day for sure. Kept getting interrupted. I give up for the night. My mojo is AWOL.

DWC: 329
AWPD: 1,685
TWC: 2,842

(Wednesday was not a good day for me. I woke up irritated and never got over it. Everything pissed me off. Even this journal pissed me off that night. I went to bed at 10:30 only to remember that I didn't do an entry and had to convince myself to get my ass out of bed and do it. 329 words is pathetic for sure. But at least I wrote something...)


Productive but frustrating day. Didn't start writing until 6pm. Got about 3 sentences written from 6-8. Put the kids and adults to bed, turned off the damn tv, and kicked the cats outside. Still miserably distracted 8-9. It was too hot thanks to the wood stove. My clothes were bothering me (They were loose fitting and sticky from sweating). My hair was in my face (not a single damn hair tie/scrunchy to be found) and I kept thinking about how much I needed a hair cut. I wanted coffee (Made a full pot and never drank a sip. Ugh.) but it was way too late to drink any. Finally hit my stride around 9 and worked productively for a couple hours! Ended up killing a character out of frustration during the 8-9 stretch. Kept the scene but will have to change it in eding  editing. Oopsie. (I posted on Twitter about said killing. haha)

DWC: 2,281
AWPD: 1,662
TWC: 5,123


Got to Starbucks for some peaceful productive writing just before 5pm. Didn't start writing until after 6pm. Dic Goofed around on the forums for a looong minute. My character magically revived due to, in no small part, a giant talking turtle with magic powers and a crazy old woman that would totally be a little old cat lady if she didn't eat them first. Hey, I'm a fantasy writer.

Gave serious thought to attempting to count all of my text messages this month into my WC. I send and receive about 30 texts per day on avg. Conservative estimate of 15 WPT (Words per Text, hehe). That would be 30 * 15 (Had to get a calculator) so about 450 extra WPD. :) If I did that, then I really should count these journal entries too. That is just too much work. Only Immo2 relevant writing it is then.

Note: When going to SB next, bring headphones and upload mp3's on the netbook. The music blows.

A large group of musicians or w/e showed up around 7:20p and proceeded to rearrange tables and chairs right next to me. WTH? I hope this isn't a reg thing. Is it possible to move all my stuff to another seat and not look like a raging bitch?

Scratch that. It is a reg thing. Posted on the board. Ugh. (I tried to ignore the sudden eruption of noise and chaos around me to no avail. Not only did chairs and tables get rearranged, but the musicians set up a makeshift stage, checked mics, tuned instruments, yelled to others across the room, and generally made a vein in my forehead throb. I asked one of the barristas if that was a regular thing and she informed me it was every Friday and Saturday night from 8-10pm. There is a sign on the bulletin board about it right under the store hours. It is definitely something to keep in mind for things to do on Friday and Saturdays but not during November. I really tried not to show my frustration, but when the barrista informed me that it was in fact a regular thing, I very audibly swore and several of the musicians heard me. Oops. I left shortly afterward).

DWC: 2,395
AWPD: 1,574
TWC: 7,517

(So that concludes this week's round of journal entries. I said before that I would write them verbatim, but when I sat down and looked through them, I realized that the entries for Nov. 1, 2, and 3 all had 2001 as their year. I did arbitrarily change those to reflect the correct year for the blog, but they still say 01 on paper. Tonight's entry was slightly crazy. Sorry about that... it was an interesting evening for sure. Good night folks.)

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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