Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has stuffed themselves with some good eats and enjoyed (or tolerated) the company of family and friends. I spent my day split between three places so it was a little chaotic. But I survived. :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I like to tell myself what all I have to be thankful for in this pretty crappy economy. This is what I am thankful for:

  • My family that loves me no matter what, even when we are all so pissed at each other that we can't look at each other without busting a gasket.
  • My friends that love me no matter what, even when I am bitchy and spend all day ranting about how my family is a bunch of nuts and 2 year olds.
  • My passion of reading, writing, and all things contained within. I would be an incredibly boring person without those creative pursuits.
  • The United States military troops serving abroad and at home to protect our way of life, beliefs, and freedoms. If I could personally hug each and every one of you, I would do so gladly.
  • Other writers and creative people throughout the world that provide a revolving door of creativity and inspiration. Keep on keeping on folks!
Enjoy the rest of your evening folks. Stay tuned tomorrow for an announcement and this week's journal entries. Have a safe night and weekend.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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