Sunday, November 06, 2011

My NaNo Goals

It occurred to me late last night right before I passed out that since I had mentioned making short and long term goals during NaNo, that it may be helpful to let everyone know my personal NaNo goals for 2011. It also gives me extra motivation to see those goals reach fruition. These goals, minus the italic notations, are written on the inside cover of my journal in ink so it is almost like they are set in stone. So here goes.

Long Term Goals:

  1. Over the month of November, I will write 60,900 or more words, finishing the 1st draft of Immo2 in the process. (This is an arbitrary number created solely based on my short term goals.)
  2. If, during November, I manage to finish the 1st draft of Immo2 early, I will begin writing the 1st draft of Immo3. (If I can start Immo3 this month, I will do so. As it looks so far, this may not be feasible.)

Short Term Goals:

  1. I will write enough words per day that my average words needed to finish NaNo will be in mid to low triple digits -500 or less- by Thanksgiving Day, compared to the 1667 per day that NaNo beings with. (Math: I would need to have 46,500 or more words by that day to accomplish this goal. That should be a cinch if I meet the other short term goals below.)
  2. I will write 15,000 words by the end of the 1st weekend. 11-6-11 (That works out to about 2500 WPD.)
  3. I will write 30,000 words by the end of the 2nd weekend. 11-13-11 (About 2143 WPD.)
  4. I will write 45,000 words by the end of the 3rd weekend. 11-20-11 (About 2143 WPD.)
  5. I will write 60,000 words by the end of the 4th weekend. 11-27-11 (About 2143 WPD.)
  6. On the 28th-30th of November, and on any prior days where I may have reached my target WC faster than expected, I will write at least 300 WPD. (Just in case I end up cranking out my 60,900 goal in a short amount of time like last year -I hit 60k-something on the 11th last year- I am committed to continuing to write for the entire month.)

So there you have my long and short term NaNo 2011 goals. I have some lofty WC goals but I have consistently written over 60k in the past. I know it is possible. Like the note above says, I passed 60k last year on day 11. It was awesome. I then promptly stopped writing and didn't write so much as another word on Immo2 for the rest of the month. Yikes. Also, I purposely set my goal for the first week at a higher WPD because the 1st week always has a lot of momentum for me. The 2nd and 4th week are usually my trouble weeks. The 2nd because I'm exhausted from week 1. The 4th week because of Thanksgiving and family commitments.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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