Saturday, November 05, 2011

First Weekend of NaNo!

So how is everyone doing going into the weekend? I know, Friday is over already. But some people don't officially start their weekend until they wake up on Saturday morning. Or maybe that is just me... Whatever.

NaNo kicked off (as I am sure you know) on Tuesday. 4 full days of writing abandon have officially came and gone. Those sticking to 1,667 words per day or more should be sitting pretty at 6,668+ words now. I stopped writing tonight around 10:30pm. It was an early ending night for me for a couple reasons, one of which I am excited to share with everyone.

In addition to writing my 50k words this year, I decided to keep a journal through NaNo to share on my blog. I wish I had kept a journal for the past 2 NaNo's. It would be interesting to read back through them. Some of my journal entries are/will be pretty short. Others are long (I'm procrastinating after all!). I think Friday evenings are a good night to share my entries for the week. If I don't get to it on Fridays, I will definitely get to them on Saturdays. This is an awesome idea, I swear.

So some things to understand about my journal posts:

  • Some entries are/will be written at the end of the night, right before I pass out from exhaustion. I am going to post them verbatim from the journal entry (this is a hand written journal, fyi). I will try to add clarifying notes within/under the entry in italics when they make absolutely no sense.
  • Some entries are/will be written throughout the course of the day and will have multiple time stamps. I don't know yet if having *time* for multiple entries is a good or bad thing yet. o.0
  • If my entry contains stuff about things not NaNo, please bear with me. The NaNo can make even the sanest of us crazy. I temper that with ranting about life so I don't rant about my novel too much.
  • At the end of each entry will contain 3 abbreviations and numbers. The first is DWC (daily word count) is just a daily record of how much I wrote. The second is AWPD (average words per day) which is what I currently need to average daily to reach 50k on time. At some point, this number will reach 0. It starts at 1,667 on Day 1. The third is TWC (total word count) and is the combined total word count. This number will reach 50k and beyond even if I have to strangle a few people along the way to get there. (For the curious and math-o-phobes, the AWPD is easily calculated. Get the current TWC and subtract that number from 50,000. Divide your answer by however many days are *left* in the NaNo and that is your AWPD).
  • My first entry is actually from October 31st detailing some very important information that may piss a few folks off... and likely relieve a few others. Check the entry for more details.
Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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