Monday, October 17, 2011

15 days

15. Days. To. Go. Half way there. With the high amount of caffeine I ingest on a normal basis nearly tripling during the NaNo, I will admit that my caffeinated brain is prone to serious distractions. I'm like a critter that has found something shiny every few minutes. My computer hates me and all my tabs, windows, and programs open. I freak out over the slightest interruptions because it is SO hard to get back into my groove. Some of the biggest distractions I face during NaNo: the cats and their incessant need for attention (and food I guess), traffic outside... stupid 18-wheelers and those breaks ugh, the internet (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email... there is so much to do!), and housework that builds up. What is going to distract you during the NaNo?

For me, this year will be easier than the past 2. Sam found himself a new home where there is an outdoor enclosed run and other more friendly cats to play with; Sabriel is loving life living as an outdoor cat now. Both of those changes are a result of an unexpected move a few weeks back. But, I don't have to take care of the housework nearly as much because I live with 3 other adults and an aide shows up 5 days a week to help too. Traffic isn't bad... but I do have to put up with a television blasting nearly 24 hours a day now. Ugh, I hate the television. Like, really really really hate it. If that is my only issue this November, everything is going to be peachy.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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