Monday, October 03, 2011

29 days

The NaNo List is a huge part of most hardcore NaNo'ers preparation. In order to really get into the game, I suggest making a list of the supplies you plan to use during the month of November. Make a list, add to it as you get ideas, and then start collecting it all! You have 29 days until the clock starts, but don't wait too long! You never know when something unexpected will happen that will derail you... so plan ahead.
My list: 2 notebooks (I like the memo books in bright colors), 5 fine point smooth-glide black ink pens with gel grips, 2 fine point smooth-glide red ink pens with gel grips, 1 pack of 3x5" notecards, extra ground coffee/creamer/sugar for increased consumption (really), snack foods like gold fish crackers, mints, pretzel rods, reese's cups, and V-8 Tropical Blend, slippers (if it is cold), compressed air and screen cleaner (I eat and drink over the computer... gross, I know). What could you add to this list?

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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