Friday, October 28, 2011

4 days

We're getting down into the final days now. 4 more to go. Today is a great time to plan out a writing schedule that is realistic and livable. Obviously, most folks cannot quit their job just for the month of November. I'm pretty sure they can't loan out their kids either. What commitments do you have daily? When are you going to fit your writing time in?

During my first NaNo, I had just finished college and was in the first half of my first year on the job. I spent nearly 12 hours a day at work learning the ropes that I didn't learn in school, doing paperwork, and dealing with being an adult. Thankfully, my commitments ended there. No kids. No spouse. I spent an extraordinary amount of time at work during October and made every minute count during "work" hours in November so I could cut back to 9 hours a day on the job during NaNo. It didn't always work but I was able to focus more on my novel in November because I planned ahead. I reached 60,000 words come the 31st.

NaNo 2010 found me unemployed so I had a whole lot more time to write than I did the year prior. I reached 60,000 words after 11 days. Unfortunately, I got cocky after that and only managed to eke out about another 4,000 words for the rest of the month. I look back on all that wasted time from last year and cringe. I should have been much further along than 60,000 words last year. Make a time commitment for every day. I'll be working on this too.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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