Wednesday, January 04, 2012

4000 Views Yay Statistics!

December was a great month for Dee Declares. I passed 4000 views overnight so its time for site statistics once again.

Views by month (numbers may be off by a few here or there):

  • June 259
  • July 495
  • August 654
  • September 566
  • October 535
  • November 486
  • December 910
  • January already over 100

Most popular page of all: Chloe Moretz Sunday Sale: almost 450 viewings alone!


  1. US
  2. Russia
  3. Germany

These updates are coming steadily faster. I made my first "views" post on June 25th and marveled over 200 visits. haha I made a 400 views post on July 6th, 600 views on July 23rd. I guess did not do a 1k views post (though I could have swore I wrote one o.0) The 2k post came October 2nd. 3k posted December 7th, though, I hit 3k a few days prior to that. That I already hit 4k in less than 30 days is amazing.

December was my busiest month to date, owed in part to my various families coming to see the pictures of my ornaments, holiday movies, and the Chloe Moretz post. This is working out to something like 22 visits per day on average, up a bit from the last post where it was 20 per day I think. To hit 4k so close to the beginning of the year... well that is just awesome. My blog started June 9th. That was 178 days ago. 4008/178 works out to 22.5. Not bad imho. :) 284 posts to date (not counting the 5 I already have scheduled/drafted/ready to post) and I've done a fairly decent job of  posting daily, responding to comments, and such.

Overall, I'm very happy with my blog. I love my daily posts. It keeps me interested without getting bored. I do need to start posting more about writing though, since this technically is an author platform blog. haha Yeah, I know... I'm so distracted. Can't help it. You don't even understand how many blog posts I started then scrapped over the last few days about the new puppies. I'm trying not to go overboard on the whole OMG PUPPIES!!!! soapbox. I'm thinking of starting a side blog up to talk about the critters. We'll see. I'll let you know if I do it on the small chance you are actually interested in the poochies, cats, and fish.

Have a great Wednesday everyone. I woke up thinking it was Monday since the kids went back to school today so Wednesday is already better since I found out I had the wrong days! Thanks for stopping by. You really are the highlight of my day.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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