Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Salute: Marines Demonstrate Inequality During Training

Okay, I apparently needed a LOT of sleep as I just woke up about 30 minutes ago. Yes, at 4pm. No, I was not awake until 8am. I went to bed sometime around 11pm to midnight. My back is killing me.

Anyways, sorry for the delay. Here is today's Saturday Salute.

I found this really neat article yesterday. Detachment Commander Lt. Col. Edward R. Sullivan addressed his group after they spent the day participating in fixed events for their Field Meet in California.

Ammo canisters were filled with different pay loads. Ropes provided traction for some teams and not others. Running lanes were shortened for some and lengthened for others.


Sullivan wanted to demonstrate to his soldiers that even though every soldier had the ability to win their competitions, certain groups were set up to make things either easier or more difficult in the attempt. This man is brilliant.

The quotes at the end of the article made me very proud.

I don't care about your gender, I don't care about your belief system, I don't care about your race, and I don't care who you prefer to sleep with. I care about how you accomplish the mission.

I think we can do better than we are doing right now. Take a look at this formation and ask yourself if we appear representative of the U.S.? Or, of the Marine Corps in general? Take some time over the weekend and think about what the MLK holiday really means. Think about how we can do better to keep the playing field equal.

Just incredible. Lt. Col Edward R. Sullivan embodies the spirit of the military that I have come to love. Nothing about a soldier matters except that they serve. That is all that should matter. Not how they pray. Not who they love. Not misdeeds in their past. They serve and so long as they serve honorably, that is all that should matter. Take a page from this man's book today. Do you represent the ideas of MLK like you should in your home, your workplace, your life?

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