Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Five: My To Do List

I am a naturally scattered person. I can't get anything accomplished without making a to do list. I have a list for this weekend that I thought I would share.

My To Do List

  1. Transcribe paper edit: I'm done with editing Immo1. I just need to get it from the paper edit into its digital copy. I hate transcribing. I've learned that I hate this almost as much as I hate editing.
  2. Clean my desk area: I spend most of my day at my computer. My desk is littered with cigarette ashes, discarded paper, tissues, and empty pens. It really needs to be straightened up.
  3. Organize my Kindle: I have categories for the books on my Kindle. And I have about 300 ebooks to put in those categories. It is going to take a long time.
  4. Help the kids with science fair projects *need tri-fold boards: It is that time of year. Science fair is the 2nd week of February so we have to get these projects going. The girls are thrilled. Me, not so much.
  5. Find someone selling hay for the backyard: It has been raining a lot. My backyard looks and feels like a swamp. I step off the concrete patio and sink 3 inches into mud. The dogs are covered in it. I need a few hay bales to spread out about 10-15 in all directions around the patio.
So nothing difficult, but all time consuming. I have so much procrastinating to do that I don't know how I'll fit all this in over the weekend. haha I'll be working 18 hour days again like I do most days of NaNo in order to get that transcription done. :)


Booksteve said...

There's a place about three blocks from here that sells hay bales. We used to get them there when we had the horses.

Not that I'm expecting you to come all this way to get hay bales...just...hoping.

Booksteve said...


Dee said...

Snowwwwwwwww! So now the yard is less slushy swamp and more frozen swamp, which leads me to think that it will be even more slushy once this snow melts off. Yuck. :)