Friday, January 06, 2012

Paintings Circa 2009

My dad found a couple of my paintings I made back in 2009. Check these out!


So these are painted on canvas with acrylic paint. I did the turtle first on a 9x13" panel. I did the 2nd one on two 9x13" panels. I am definitely not much of an artist. I found a cartoon turtle that I modified. It was a black and white image with little details. The dragon image was also a black and white picture; in addition I added the 2nd wing and its forelegs plus the colors. I've always been pretty proud of these paintings, even though I know they aren't that much of a feat. I certainly cannot do anything beyond reproducing/modifying cartoons. I definitely love it though!

Just wanted to share them with you since we found them today. I dropped my original "yay coffee" image in the bottom right corners, though I'm not even pretending that they work like a watermark. I just thought it was cute.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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Arts in the Family said...

They're really cute. I like the style. Some of the most beloved characters in our culture are cute, cartoon characters. You should try to scan them and play with the images in photoshop.

Alberto Ramirez Jr.