Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday Five: Things to Watch in 2012

So I thought that since it is a new year, I'd share my top 5 people and/or things to watch. I always make a list of things to keep up on for each year. This past year was politics, world events, DIY crafting, the job market, and my little sisters's grades. I did pretty good with all of those. Here is this year's list.

  1. All things indie and electronic! Indie publishing, e-book sales and publishing, the gravitation from print to digital, how the markets, contracts, and Houses are changing as writers and readers are changing... It is going to be an interesting year!
  2. 2012 Presidential Campaign. I'm disgusted with all the Republicans running for various reasons. I'm not 100% satisfied with Obama (His broken promises to encourage State support of gay rights in adoptions and family laws, to fully fund IDEA, and to expand FMLA to include victims of domestic violence or sexual assault irks me still. *sigh*) and worry about his chances at reelection.
  3. Social Media Influence and Legislation. With the popularity of Facebook and Twitter and the unveiling of G+, social networking media is on the rise. As more people take to digital networking, more issues are coming up, like cyber-bullying, Internet predation, social stalking, and more. With the high rate of nationalized child suicide over the past few years, this could spell out bad news for kids without some intervention from those higher in the food chain.
  4. Fantasy genre shows! My favored genre bloomed this past year. With Once Upon a Time on ABC, Grimm on NBC, Alphas on Syfy, and American Horror Story on FX, I have never in my life felt like I needed to watch television so bad. I hate television. Really, I do. But I have wore Hulu out, especially from August onward!
  5. Like last year, the grades my sisters bring home will be a focal point of my life. Homework, tests, and projects galore. With one in 3rd and another in 4th, its just going to get crazier over the next couple years.

So what are you watching over the next year? Anything specific? Let me know!

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS


Booksteve said...

Somehow, I missed hearing of this ONCE UPON A TIME entirely until Rene mentioned it last evening. I'm intrigued. May have to seek it out.

Dee said...

If you jump on Hulu, they have all the episodes of Once Upon A Time for streaming until the 9th... after that, they can only keep the most recent 5 episodes so you'll miss the pilot and 2nd episode if you don't watch them over the next couple days. Really great show with a few incredible performers and a cute concept. So far so good, although Grimm is a more interesting story, while the performances are better in OUAT. :D