Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Update On Computer Issue

We took the computer apart last night. The monitor wasn't the problem. It was not a video card issue. The power supply isn't broken. The RAM is fine. So we are pretty much down to it is the motherboard or the cpu. Bleh. So it looks like I will have to replace my computer. Sucks but it happens. I got almost 8 years out of the desktop so I'm not so terribly upset. Just hate having to drop so much dough. Glad it is tax time! Crossing my fingers for a refund.

My netbook makes it nearly impossible to blog. It likes to refresh the screen, go up and down randomly, and doesn't like opening web pages. It is pretty much only good for word processing. I will continue to update as I can so you know when I'll be back online. I hope it wont be more than a few days. I'm working on getting a temporary replacement from a family member to use until I can get a new rig. Will let you know.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS


Ashok Singh's Blog said...

To protect your computer form any problems such as virus, hardware failure, slow speed etc then you should install antivirus protection and firewall programs and update regularly. The operating system should also be updated on a regular basis and don’t open an email or don’t download any file that looks doubtful.
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Dee said...

Hey Ashok. I do exactly all that. I update as they are released and use all the software to protect my computer. I have too much important stuff on my computer to take chances like that. Unfortunately, I was slacking when the computer crashed and don't have my most important documents updated in my virtual storage. I'm almost positive it isn't my hard drive so it should all still be there. I'll get to it soon. Maybe sometime this weekend.

Excellent information for everyone to keep in mind, for sure! Thanks for the reminder! DS