Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Scene: Old Woman Opens for RRH

I enjoy the occasional horror movie and really liked the scary, dark version of Red Riding Hood that came out last year. It stars Amanda Seyfried (Sophie in Letters to Juliet) as Valerie, one of the villagers menaced by a werewolf. I really enjoyed the movie, even if it didn't do so hot with others. Here is the opening monologue:

Old Woman VO: I'm a common woman. I was born in a common cottage in a common village. My life would likely be no different from yours, were it not for the most uncommon events that occurred during the winter of the year of our Lord 1325. I learned many things that winter. About people. About love. But, mainly I learned about loss.

To this day, I am the only person I know to be living who knows the whole truth about that horrible time. This is my tale.

*So this opening monologue is done in voice over and  is broken up by lightning and a young boy looking very nervously off in the distance as a wolf howls. It is very ominous. The whole film is decent in my opinion. Yeah, the acting is a little wooden and the dialogue is fairly cliche, but what isn't anymore? I thought it was great and Amanda Seyfried is fantastic!


Booksteve said...

I just made an image of her as Red my wallpaper of the day.

Dee said...

Isn't she great? She was in Mean Girls too.