Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Color Scheme and Other Blog Stuff

Just a quick fyi, I changed around the default blog font and the blog colors. Let me know what you think please. I thought it would be nice to mix it up a bit with the new year and all. I definitely like the black background, white foreground, and black text though if it were really to my preference, it would be a black background, black foreground, and white text. My vision sucks so white text is much easier on my eyes. I'm not so crazy about the banner color at the top. It almost matches the blue of my "Yay coffee" picture, but it still irks me for some reason. I'll be tweaking this over the next few days.

What do you think of the colors? The font? The font size? I need outside opinions. :)


Booksteve said...

I love the blue actually and the black works well. The font on the other hand gives me a bit of a headache. Not sure why. Just does.

Do you have an actual counter like sitemeter on here hidden somewhere? If you do, it will reset to zero whenever you change your template. That's why I don;'t change my own more often.

Dee said...

I'm glad you like the colors. I'll see what other fonts I can find that I like better than Courier and Times.

I do have sitemeter but don't you remember me saying the stupid thing is broken? I installed it. It said I had 600 views in just a couple days. And it hasn't moved beyond 600 views since. I get a weekly report and the numbers always stay the same.

Anyways, I didn't change the template thankfully. Everything is still where it was before. Just colors and fonts were changed. :)

Raven Marlow said...

Hey! Great job! I like the blue too but the Dee Declares seems kings lost in there. Did you switch the font? I hate courier too, but it looks like I see arial or verdana, which are my favorites.

Nice changes.

Dee said...

The new font is Arimo. It is not what I had before but I like it a bit better. I agree the Dee Declares is lost in all that blue. Maybe that is what is irking me. Suggestion for a color? I'm going to change it to black for now. Thanks!