Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Tony Awards!!! The Glee Project!!!

Alright, so I missed the Tonys last night. I watched the Glee Project after my dinner plans were canceled. It was a tough choice, but I figured the Glee Project would be more kid friendly (KF) than the Tonys. After catching parts of the Tonys, I'm not sure either one was KF.

At any rate. So, the Tonys were great! Book of Mormon won best Musical!!!!!!! That cracks me up. The best part of the Tonys for me was Neil Patrick Harris. I have been a huge fan of his for years. The opening sequence (watch below if you didn't see it) was awesome!

Broadway really isn't just for gays. Incredible performance, witty lyrics, charming dialogue. It was great!

I did catch The Glee Project last night. I am a huge Glee fan and I've been eagerly awaiting TGP since it was announced last year. It was good. The auditions were good. They didn't go the American Idol route and embarrass the ones that "thought" they were good. They showed real talented individuals. The top 12 was a great mix of different musical styles, personalities, and people types. I have high hopes for the show.

I was sad to see Bryce go. He had a great personality, but the other two, Ellis and Damian, worked more efficiently with the producers, directors, and so on. Bryce is incredibly talented, a great looking man, and could definitely go far if he gets that chip off his shoulder and really puts himself out there. Well see what next week brings!

Edit: 8/15/2012 Image removed. I don't want to be sued.

I'm still learning their names. The ones without the * are the ones I have memorized so far.
From L-R, Top to Bottom: Damian, Bryce, *Samuel, Hannah, Cameron, *Alex, *Emily, *Lindsey, Ellis, McKynleigh, Matheus, *Marissa. It's a work in progress.


Booksteve said...

Best Tony Awards, ever! Never got boring...except maybe during the Spider-Man song.

Neil is easily the best child-star turned adult star ever--he can sing dance, be dramatic, be funny, acrobatic, suave, ditzy, flamboyant and a womanizer all at the same time! And, as Hugh Jackman pointed out, there's more to being a host than one sees...and Neil is great at that, too!

I had never heard of BOOK OF MORMON and presumed a religious musical a la GODSPELL. Slowly I came to realize this was from the SOUTH PARK guys!!

Much fun was had here with the Tonys!

Dee said...

I read a while back that Matt Stone and Trey Parker were doing a Mormon themed musical, so I knew there was no way it would be religious. It was great to see How to Succeed in Business Without Trying...Daniel Radcliff has really grown up.