Sunday, June 12, 2011

My cats are crazy!

These are old pictures of my beautiful fuzzballs. Sam is the one hiding behind the couch. Sabriel is my green eyed girl. Both of these pictures were taken days after I brought each of them home. Sam's picture is circa 2009; Sabriel's picture is circa 2007 I think.

So, my kittys' stories...

Sabriel was originally my brother's roommate's girlfriend's cat. Yeah. If my memory is correct, the woman found Sabriel under a car in a Wal Mart parking lot, apparently a stray or drop off. She brought her to her boyfriend's apartment, as she couldn't keep the cat in her apartment. My brother and his roommate were less than thrilled to have a new roommate; when she had 5 kittens two weeks later, they were even less so. The roommate and his girlfriend got married and kept one of the kittens. My brother kept one. My Mom and Dad took one. Other friends took the other two kittens. Sabriel (under a different, less than stellar name) became mine with a new name.

She was a very shy cat, skittish around nearly everyone. In the years that I have had her, she has blossomed. She is now, more or less, social with people after they have been in the house for a few minutes. Loud noises, quick movements...that still freaks her out slightly. She has gotten so much better in the past 4-ish years. She is getting older now. She is getting spiteful and mean to some extent. She has claimed dominion over the house, so much so that when I have visitors stay over, she shows her displeasure by pissing on their bedding. The vet said there isn't anything wrong with her; she's just tossing up attitude. We're working on that.

Sam's story is much more tragic. Sam was purchased from a Maine Coone breeder by a lady that fell in love with his beautiful big eyes. He had been with her about 6 months when she met a man, fell in love, and they decided to get married. One problem: the guy was deathly allergic to cats and Sam has long hair. Over the time that she had kept him, she made the brilliant decision to have him declawed...not just the front, but the back as well. That decision came back to bite her in the butt when the love of her life made her choose between him and her cat. She told a co-worker that she was going to "just throw him out" when she and her soon to be husband moved in together. Her co-worker knew this was a terrible idea for a clawless cat. He offered to take the cat off her hands and the lady agreed. So Sam went to live with this new man and his family. His wife was MY co-worker. As charming and lovable and smart as Sam is, she couldn't stand the fur. It really gets everywhere!

Sam came to me just a few weeks after moving from his original owner's home and he is here to stay, fur and all. His original name was Samson, for his size I assume, and I modified it to Sameth to fit with Sabriel's name. Sam is his name in short. I call him FB sometimes. Fuzzbutt, furball, fatboy, etc. He is banned from my bedroom for trying to smother me in my sleep, walk on my throat, and drool in my ear. He is nosy, plays with his food and water, and demands constant attention. The world revolves around him in his mind.

So now you have met Sam and Sabriel. They are my lovable furrballs!

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