Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kicking musicians out of Central Park...really?!

I just ran across this while browsing the news. Go read the article then pop back here.

Okay, I have never been to New York. But, when I think of NYC, I see Times Square being loud, obnoxious, full of tourists with cameras, taxi cabs, and the Broadway signs. It is beautiful and awful all at once for those of us (me) that loves all things Broadway but loves the quiet as well. Nothing says quiet like stringed instruments floating across soft grass and a shimmering lake. So why in the hell are they banning musicians from Central Park?! It doesn't make any sense. Folks go to NYC for many reasons; a lot of folks go to NYC specifically for the concerts in CP.

I like the point brought up by Arlen Oleson in the article. They bring concerts to CP all the time, where music blares through speakers at ear drum busting decibels. How is that better than a harp playing softly in the grass?

Like I said, I've never been to NYC. I don't know personally if the street musicians are actually causing a disturbance. I cannot for my life imagine that they would though. It seems to me that the people making up these rules in NYC need to focus on more important matters like violence in the streets, children going hungry, and rising unemployment (which they are contributing to by forcing these musicians out of the park). Just my opinion.


Booksteve said...

Just a reminder for those of us that "love all things Broadway." The Tony Awards are on tonight!

Dee said...

Oh I know! I won't get to watch it since I have dinner plans, but I will be checking out all the winners, dresses, and performances tomorrow. I will also be missing The Glee Project on Oxygen tonight. This better be a really good dinner. ;)