Friday, June 17, 2011

Novel Title

While scouring online for ideas for a book cover for Immo1, I was dismayed to find that another author is using the same name for the title of her series. I created the name in 2009 and as far as I could tell, it was unique at the time. Her books started coming out in 2010. So now I'm left with a serious dilemma. Do I continue using the title that I have used for the past 2 years, or do I abandon it and craft a new title in lieu of this other series? Part of me wants to say "Screw all that. It is MY title, dammit!" But, this author is writing in the same genre, is published through the same ebook distributor as I will be, and she has three novels out already under that name. So, part of me wants to concede and avoid competition, confusion, and possible alienation of that author.

Adding to this, I found out that R. A. Salvator published a novel under the same name in 2003. Apparently I missed that back in 2009. It is the name of a few World of Warcraft guilds and an album name for a metal band as well. o.0

Ugh. What to do?


Booksteve said...

Drifting off to sleep and a couple of possibilities occurred to me--ON THE JOURNEY OF SHADOWS or JOURNEY OF LOST SHADOWS. Just a thought...or rather, two thoughts.

Raven said...

I like the Lost Shadows title, but that could be a first book title. You could very well still keep the series name. If it's used in several other places, then you're not stepping on any toes. I can tell you it won't get confused with the others, for sure.

Dee said...

I do really like Journey of Lost Shadows for Immo1. It keeps with the Journey theme that I picked a long while back. I'm wondering if I could find some way to modify the trilogy name but still keep it close to The Immortalis Trilogy. Lack of sleep and delerium is only allowing me to think of IMMORTALIS RISING SERIES right now so I'm sure I'll laugh at that in the morning.