Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five: Drinks

I am very picky when it comes to drinks. I don't like ice in anything unless it is a daiquiri of some sort. I can drink warm pop from a can. I frequently drink 2 pots of coffee a day... and then wonder why I can't sleep. I can out drink most men in an Irish pub (as long as they are buying!).
My Top 5 drinks are:
  1. Coffee
  2. Pineapple Upside Down Cake shots
  3. Frozen Cherry Coke
  4. Pepsi
  5. Stormcloud shots
On a side note, there are some drinks that I just refuse to drink... I'd rather die of thirst. Red Cream Soda, Code Red Mountain Dew, most teas, Jägermeister, and Dr. Pepper are at the top of that list. Root beer is on this particular list as well unless it is combined with vanilla ice cream.


Booksteve said...

When Rene and I married, she drank soft drinks warm from cans. I thought that was so alien...but I've been doing it now for twenty years.

Kim got me to try coffee, had some with Bree a few times and my boss at the airport bought me some occasionally. I don't hate it but if I never have it again, I'm cool with that.

Definitely Coke over Pepsi although I sometimes hit cycles where I prefer Pepsi. Like caffeine free Coke but not sure they still make it. Can't stand any other variations of either that I've tried.

When I was drinking alcohol (it hasn't come up in a couple decades) I liked mixed drinks with whisky, tequila or vodka.

Bree and Kim also got me drinking herbal teas. They're not REAL tea I know but I do like 'em.

I agree with you completely on your "rather die of thirst" list except I'll have Root Beer full on mine.

Oh, and sometimes I drink water.

Dee said...

I'm not allowed to drink Tequila. Ever. I drank it once and ended up getting so violently sick that a friend had to bleach her entire bathroom, including the ceiling. Never again. Blech!

Booksteve said...

Such a lovely picture. Thanks for sharing. ;P

Dee said...

You know me. I am great with visuals. hahaha