Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday Five: Places to Visit

5 Places I Really Want to Visit in no order of preference

·         Ireland (I love the pictures I see of the old castles and the country side covered in mist... it is a writer's dream vacation spot!)

·         London (The weather greatly influences my mood, but not in a normal way. Rain fills me with energy and I have heard that it rains a lot. I could be wrong... maybe I've watched too many movies.)

·         The Outback (My first love was animals and the Outback is chock full of them! To see some of the wild animals that I loved seeing at the zoo as a child, that would be truly memorable. I'm throwing the Great Barrier Reef in with a trip to the Outback.)

·         New Zealand (My irrational fear of water that I cannot see through aside, New Zealand has some of the most beautiful waterfalls, lakes, and rivers I have ever seen in pictures. To be able to sit in an open glade with a waterfall at my back and a river rushing past would basically make all of my fantasy world come to life.)

·         Italy (I have a soft spot for Gothic architecture due to a random art history class in college and I absolutely love it. I want to see the Domme de Milan, Siena Cathedral, and the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua. They are beautiful!)


Booksteve said...

Hmmm...I don't like to travel but...

London--definitely--Been an anglophile for decades

San Francisco--I get motion sick and all the hills could be an I'd be paranoid about earthquakes but still...a beautiful city.

Scotland--Believe it or not, I put in for a transfer there a few years back when my company was looking for someone to spend two years in Glasgow training local employees. Didn't get it.

New York City--My wife has been there but I haven't. I realize it's not a pretty city for the most part but still...

Japan--well maybe not now.

Dee said...

There are a lot of places I want to visit. I really want to visit New York City one day and watch a few musicals. My drama nerd-ness is showing. Haha.

I debated putting San Fran or LA on the list, but chose not to because ultimately, I don't want to visit those places... I'd like to live there. One of these days. You know how I love cities.