Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday Sales: Imogene's Last Stand

In time for the Fourth of July, this Sunday Sale is for Imogene's Last Stand, written by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter. ILS was published by Random House in 2009.
Edit: 8/15/2012 Image removed. I don't want to be sued.
This children's story follows history buff Imogene. Her first words were "Four score and seven years ago." She finger painted a map of the Oregon Trail in preschool. Imogene champions to preserve the historical society building while dressed like Paul Revere, shouting "The bulldozers are coming! The bulldozers are coming!"

The story is full of famous quotes, a ton of humor, and mini-biographies of the biggest names of history. I found it to be incredibly entertaining. Your kids might as well!

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