Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Wiki: Briefs

Today's random Wiki cracked me up. Today's page is Briefs! Find it here (along with a couple pictures of men in their underoos!).

Briefs are a type of underwear that is short and tight. It is popular with athletes and those that like more *snicker* support than boxers provide. Okay, I swear, I'm going to stop being so immature. Maybe.

Briefs can have a fly that allows easy access for bathroom activities like boxers, but many styles do not include one. Most briefs cover the upper thigh and rise to the belly button. Women's also come in low-rise and mid-rise versions, but most people are familiar with the regular full-rise cut. I call these granny panties when worn by women. Tighty-whities seem to be the going term for the men's version.
Briefs were first sold in the United States in 1935. They began selling in the United Kingdom in 1938. They are called Y-fronts in England. Australia calls them jocks. Other European countries call them slips. Canada calls them bobettes. So many names for something people don't talk about very much.
The last part of the article was interesting. I had never heard that wearing briefs could inhibit a man's fertility. Apparently that may or may not be true.


Booksteve said...

OK now this--aside from your immature comments ya silly thing--is genuinely fascinating stuff. I hate the term "tighty whities" which i never heard 'til the nineties. "Y Fronts" I knew from the Britcom, ARE YOU BEING SERVED?

The "inhibits fertility" thing I've heard for years but I've also consistently read where there's no proof of that at all.

As someone who late in life came to alternating between boxers and briefs, I will say each has a very, very different feeling for a guy.

LOLOLOLOL! My "captcha" word is "eunuch!"

Dee said...

I couldn't help but snicker because it WAS FUNNY! And I was tired. And I hadn't had coffee yet.

I think as far as men's underwear go, I like boxer-briefs. They aren't baggy like boxers but don't make me think of a man wearing really ugly women's panties.

This article just tickled my immaturity bone! lol