Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Five: Words for Me

I'm trying to drum up ideas for Friday Five that are interesting and can provide a little bit of detail about me without being obsessive about me, me, me. That is really difficult. Friday Fives are very subjective! I was chatting with some friends a few days ago and asked them to describe me in five words. Below are the most agreed upon words and their reasoning. Some of the quotes are funny. Some are... not. The last one on this list is complements of my brother.

5 Words that describe me
1.       Manic: As someone that deals with manic depression, my friends tend to only see my manic side. When I'm on the other end of the spectrum, I avoid everyone except the cats. When I am *enjoying* my manic phases, I am hyper, clumsy, and spout random nonsense at will. "When you get into the climax of your mania, you just go haywire. I never know if you are going to go off into a Glee/Firefly tangent, start naming authors in order of writing instruments, or get sauced and hit on every gay man you see just because it is funny."
2.       Creative: I am a story teller. Anyone who knows me well understands that it is my nature to talk... and to never shut up. I can take a single detail and create an entire story within my mind that encompasses 10,000 years of history, civilization, and intrigue. Getting them out on paper is more difficult because my brain and my keyboard are not synched very well. "I love the stories you come up with. When you get into telling us a story, we really live it. Even if we don't want to, you have a way that force-feeds the story to us and it comes alive."
3.       Spazzy: I argued that manic and spazzy are the same thing really, but I was vetoed 5 to 1. Apparently, spazzy is more akin to my love of show tunes than my love of space cowboys. "Dude, you are such a spazz. Only you could simultaneously recite the dialogue from a Broadway show that you have never seen, dance to 90's boy band choreography, and make every man clutch his crotch in fear of a headbutt in 5 seconds flat." In regards to the last part of that statement, I am short so it isn't my fault that I was eye level with his zipper and he got in the way of my moves.
4.       Devoted: This I will agree with 100%. It is my go-to line to ask "Who do I need to kill?" when a dear friend is having a bad day. I am ferocious in my protection of friends and family. I'll go to bat for everyone I love, despite the fact that I am small. "When there are problems, you turn into this beast that attacks with everything you've got, I swear! You have a very sharp wit and a mean right hook. Only, it is like a Chihuahua that thinks she is a Great Dane! It is very cute." Damn straight. Woof!
5.       Argumentative: This wasn't part of the conversation with my friends but from my brother. He and I fought like cats and dogs growing up, but we are very protective of each other most of the time. We get very close and drift apart in repetitive cycles. "You argue about everything. People don't disagree with you because you are right about everything; they don't disagree because you'll argue with them until there is no room for anything but agreement!" Hmmm... I could disagree with this, but for argument's sake, I won't.


Booksteve said...

I like this! I'm sure I could think of a few different words but can't argue with any of these. In fact, if I hadn't already adopted you, this would make me want to do so.

Oh, and David was really relating when I read him your "Creative" section.

Dee said...

I would certainly say that David is incredibly creative. I wish I had his creativity when I was his age.

If I had made this list, it would have been quite different, but devoted and creative would probably be on it. I would have added delusional (differentiating real relationships and the *swoon* wished-for fantasy relationships with celebrities being key here LMAO), emotional (I cry at the drop of a hat), and perverted (no explanation needed here I assume).

What would you have said if I had been able to get ahold of you that day?

Booksteve said...

I would probably chosen 5 of these:

Dee said...

Yes to all of those except pit-bullish. Really? LMAO! Alright, I am a bit bullish. :)


Booksteve said...

Oh! Forgot one. MODEST. Definitely modest. <3

Dee said...

Riiiiight. We all know the Earth revolves around me. I am sooo modest. *pats myself on the back*