Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Solicitation: The 10th Kingdom

The Saturday Solicitation today is for The 10th Kingdom. This was a television mini-series that aired in seven 1 hour parts on NBC in 2000 (or in five 2 hour parts, depending on what you read). It stars Kimberly Williams, Ed O'neill, Diane Wiest, Camryn Manheim, Warwick Davis, and John Larroquette. The premise is that a young woman (Williams) and her father (Larroquette) are transported into a magical realm via magic mirrors.

In this magic world, the 9 Kingdoms, all the fairy tales are true. In one place, watchers see that the Grimm brothers were once in that world, explaining where those fantastic stories came from once upon a time. To the people in the 9 Kingdoms, Earth is the mythical 10th Kingdom! The story follows Prince Wendell, Virginia Lewis, her dad Tony Lewis, and Wolf as they try to save the 9 Kingdoms from the evil Queen (Wendell's step-mother naturally). They visit fantastic places, such as the Kissing Village and Little Bo Peep's home. They find fantastic creatures... dwarves, magic wishing wells, wish-granting fish, and trolls! In their attempts to save the world, they manage to screw up time and again. The twist at the end really makes this a standout series. But as in all fairy tales, everything turns out alright. Maybe.

In conjunction with the miniseries, a novelization of the show was published the same month that the show originally aired. It is as far as I can tell 100% true to the show, down to the dialogue. The book is now out of print, but the 3 disc DVD set is still available. I had the DVD set at one time but an evil roommate stole it when she and I went separate ways (along with my copy of Willow... damn her!). I do still have the book though. This is one of the very (VERY) few times that I prefer the movie to the book. I'll have to buy that again one day since Netflix doesn't offer it for streaming.


Arts in the Family said...

I loved that mini-series! I remember correctly they were produced by two brothers who also produced a number of other fantasy related mini-series' in the nineties. I wish they still did that.

Alberto Ramirez Jr.

Dee said...

I have a love/hate relationship with most current movies and television. Now, fantasy from the 90's was incredible. 10th Kingdom was my all time favorite. On the nights that my friends want to watch a Lord of the Rings marathon, I'd gladly take 10th Kingdom instead. Maybe it is just because I can't find it anymore, but I friggin love this mini-series.