Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Thrift: Once In A Blue Moon

Not all thrift stores are local. Once In A Blue Moon is an online thrift store. Find them here! The website is really great. You will find a newsletter, a blog, shipping information, a Wish List dedicated to helping shoppers find items they need, and Wanted section for specific items the company is seeking. Their items are separated into categories, like $1 Items, Collector Plates, and Costumes. While I hate buying items I cannot see in front of me (that goes for buying anything online, through eBay, Etsy, and Amazon type stores), sometimes you have to take a chance if you really want something bad. Shipping is flat rated based on purchase prices and a neat layaway plan. The shipping on the layaway kind of sucks, but it is a Paypal fault, not OiaBM's fault.

I check the women's clothing and Jewelry categories pretty often. So far, I haven't found something that screamed out for me, but I know I will eventually. If you are addicted to online retail therapy but your bank account hates you, check these guys out before you jump over to eBay!

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