Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Mood: Anxiety

Yay for Monday Mood! So I've been stressed out the last few days so today's mood is anxiety. Anxiety is one of those emotions that has so many different causes, effects, and symptoms that it is hard to define it without a doctoral degree.

Anxiety often happens without any kind of known stimulus so it is hard to pinpoint an identifiable cause. Are you sick? Suffering an existential crisis (death, fate, guilt, spirituality)? Taking an important test or getting ready for a huge task? Freaked out by strangers or crowds? Making an important decision? Poor coping skills? Yeah, so many possible causes. Keep reading.

Some effects/symptoms of anxiety should be familiar to everyone.
  • Heart palpitations, fatigue, nausea, headaches, sense of dread, panic attacks.
  • Irritability, restlessness, paranoia, nightmares.
  • Prolonged thoughts on suspected dangers, like death, heart attacks, brain trauma.
  • Withdrawal from social situations or stimulating experiences, insomnia, nail biting, and increased motor tension (like foot tapping and pencil drumming).
Ever experienced any of this? Yeah, me too. But not everyone that has experienced these things have experienced anxiety. They could genuinely be ill. If you find yourself experiencing many of these symptoms in tandem, please see your doctor.

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Booksteve said...

Big huuuuuuuuug! (May not solve the problems but hey, couldn't hurt!)