Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Five: Offline Time Wasters

I waste less time offline than I do online. Let's see if I can get 5 time wasters offline.

Number puzzles are first. Kakuro, sudoku, and fill-ins. I have books laying all over the house.

Second is whatever the current television show I am following. During the regular television season, I have been watching Glee. I love music and have been with the show since the pilot. The last show I watched every time it was on... well, that was Buffy several years back. This summer, I've been content with The Glee Project but now that is wrapped up, I'm waiting for Glee to come back! I ship Klaine and was Team Matheus for sure.

Third would have to be lying in the tub. I am really bad about filling my bath full of hot water (no cold water) and lying in it until it becomes tepid. I'm all pruned, relaxed, and sleepy. It isn't uncommon for me to fall asleep in the tub. I know, that is an awful idea.

Fourth is playing with the cats. My fur-babies demand constant attention which I generally ignore (because I'm working... I'm really not heartlessly ignoring my cats for no reason) so I try to take time each day to cuddle them, rub their chins, and let them fight over who is sitting in my lap. A friend has been rough housing with my big boy, Sam, so now Sam plays/attacks and I'm working on taming the beast once more. He doesn't have claws but damn his teeth are long/sharp.

Fifth may or may not constitute a time waster but I do it to fill up time, certainly not because it is enjoyable. I get into spurts where I have to clean everything. And by clean I mean throw it away. My mom is a pack rat and tries to make me into one too. She will send me 15 bottles of shampoo, 32 packets of single use laundry detergent, 14 body sprays, bags full of cosmetics, etc. While I don't throw out stuff that I will eventually use, like the shampoo and detergent, the other stuff isn't useful to me. 1 bottle of moisturizer will do me for a year. Why do I need 19 of them sitting under the shelf? I give away what I can and then trash the rest. It is huge task that usually precedes a headache, backache, and general pissiness for the next few days so I try to limit this to once or twice monthly at the most.

Sweet, I actually came up with 5 things. Maybe I waste more time than I thought. o.0

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS


Booksteve said...

I tried but, nope. Couldn't do it. Let's face it, I live online at this point. Saaay....I just got an idea for a new story. Hmmm....

Dee said...

It took me a long time to figure out what I do away from the computer. It was really hard. That makes me feel like I spend way to much time on the computer.

I could have went the easy way out for one and said reading, but I don't consider that a waste of time so I didn't use it. :D