Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Thrift: Rachel Ray Video/Link

I love Rachel Ray and I found that she did a thrifty episode back in June 2009. Check here for an article where Project Runway's Kevin Christiana talks thrift and fashion. Make sure you watch the video!
A quick highlight of his tips: Don't go on Monday; Go on Thursday (when all the new stuff goes out). Tag sizing should probably be ignored... things shrink and stretch when they are second-hand. Gowns found at thrift stores were likely only worn once. Avoid rips, tears, and stains, but replace buttons and zippers!

Check the sidebar of the article for more thrift tips, clothing repairs, and repurposing tips from Kevin. Also, you'll find a link to Bang for your Buck, a story category from the show full of interesting ideas and tips for us thrifty folks!

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