Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fun Day today! Caution: Dirty Mindedness and Swearing Follows

So it is only 1pm and today has already been the most hilarious day ever.

My friend and I went to a doctor's appointment at the crack of dawn this morning. We got out sooner than expected/later than we wanted so we went to Hardee's for an early lunch. The place was empty, like not even the old people sitting around drinking coffee. Weird right? Anyways, I don't eat fast food very often so I asked how big exactly was the 2/3 pound burger that we were getting for my better half just as the cashier had to walk off to the drive-thru window. We ended up having a "that's what she said" moment with the poor cashier when he came back and said "So you wanted to know how big something was?" All three of us cracked up laughing to the point that I was crying, my friend was coughing, and the cashier was flustered and blushing. It only got worse when he tried to explain the commotion to the girl working the back line and in a Freudian moment said something about a mushroom. Of course, that set me and my friend off once again. I couldn't breathe! Ah, the joys of being incredibly dirty minded.

So I came home to my better half and a friend standing in the yard staring at the car. My friend and I were still boggled by the events at Hardee's so I didn't find it weird until I got out of the car and heard a fire alarm going off... inside the car. We had a WTF moment before tossing the food in the house and going to investigate. It turns out that the portable battery charger that had been in the back of the car since last Christmas has an alarm and it was going off. Loudly, I might add. We're all standing around saying "What the hell do we do?" I said maybe it got hot in the back of the car. One friend said it was probably that. The other friend said that it might have gotten jostled around during last nights drive and a button was borked. My wonderful better half just stared at the car in horror before asking if we thought it might explode. So of course we brought the stupid thing in the house. And by "we" I mean "they" brought it in. I suggested they go bury it somewhere until it shut up. In the end, I did the only thing a gal knows to do when it comes to machinery. I called my dad. My dad laughed at us for a good five minutes before telling us that it should have came with some kind of AC adapter or car adapter and the alarm was letting us know that the portable box was out of juice. We all just stared at each other sheepishly. We are all adults in our mid to late 20's and none of us thought that the charger might be dead.

So yes, today has been awesome. How is everyone else doing today?

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS


Booksteve said...

Wow, those meds really are working for you, aren't they?

Dee said...

Yes and no. The sleeping meds aren't doing jack. The other is helping a bit, but mostly just makes me not want to eat. Like, the thought of food makes me want to barf. I've been forcing myself to eat periodically. I'm pretty sure that is not its intended purpose so we'll be going to a lower dosage I think. Oh and it hasn't done jack with smoking. So yes and no. :) BTW, the appointment was not for me. Just FYI, I'm good right now. lol