Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thursday Thrift: Thrift Blogs

Just a quick Thursday Thrift today. Have you checked out all the neat blogs about thrifting available online? I found a few with a simple Google search here on Blogger and I think they are pretty great.

  • 1st up we have The Thrift Shop Romantic. This blog has archived posts from way back in 2006 up through this month. It has seen less action this year but the whole blog looks fantastic. The blogger, Jenn, hails from close by my neck of the woods in the Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania/Eastern Ohio area. She features a Treasure Box Wednesday that started back in January '08. Many/most of her posts have some beautiful pictures to go along with some incredible thrift finds.

  • 2nd we have Thrift Store Whore. This blog kind of hurts my reader sensibilities. There are an ass load of links to look through. I can't guarantee that all of them are legit so click around in there at your own risk. Also, I can't find a list of the blog posts or dates for that matter. I have no idea how many posts there are or when the last update was. I'm not internet/Blogger savvy enough to figure it out either. Suffice to say, there are many blog posts with a lot of useful information on living frugal. There are how-to videos, thrift shopper bios, and some great article links.

  • 3rd blog recommendation is All Things Thrifty. This site is run by Brooke and is phenomenal. Brooke's blog has great pictures, decorating ideas, and do-it-yourself tutorials. The site is updated regularly with stunning information. This chick is very creative and seems to have a knack for this sort of thing. I'm super envious of her creativity and know-how. Scroll down to July 27th to find a beautiful flag made from barn wood. Excellent site!

Do you know of any particular sites that would be worth checking out? Let me know in the comments!

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