Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A London Update

It seems that things have calmed down this morning across the pond. Clean up crews and police are out on the street attempting to help where they can. Yahoo had an article, you can see it here, that just gave me chills. It pretty much summed up most of what I read about for hours last night.

If you use Twitter, I strongly urge you to follow @riotcleanup and check for the updates through #londonriots, #PrayforLondon, #riotcleanup, and #prayforengland. I'm sure there are many others but those are the ones that I've been watching.

If you are a London/Birmingham/Bristol/Nottingham/Liverpool area local and are able to help, please do so. It looks like the clean up crew has more than enough people right now, but that may change over the next couple days. If you are not a local, send your support (thoughts, prayers, donations, etc.) to those affected and the volunteers, but please don't go gawking at the damage. You won't be helping anyone that way.

I found a nice picture on a Tumblr that was pretty freaking cool. BTW, I have a second Twitter for celebristalking and only 3 of those celebs even mentioned the rioting. Neil Gaiman gave regular updates for a good portion of the night. David Krumholtz at least mentioned it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt gave regular updates as well. I follow 80 celebs and those were the only 3 that even let out a blip about it on Twitter. Sure, they could very well know about whats happening and be thinking/praying for those affected but it wouldn't kill them to show a little vocal/textual support. It takes only a couple seconds to type it. Yeah I'm being bitchy but this is kinda a big deal. /end rant

Here is a video of a woman I would love to hug big time. The video has *lots* of cussing so if you are squeemish of potty mouth or at work, you probably shouldn't watch it. I thought she was brilliant.

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