Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Five: Snacks (not Snakes, as I tried to type it 100 times)

This post has been difficult to write! I posted it as a regular post instead of scheduling it first (all Friday Fives are written ahead of time and scheduled for later in the week... Fridays suck for me! lol). Had to delete it because it wouldn't go away. Then, I realized I wrote "Snakes" instead of "Snacks" in the title and repeatedly wrote it wrong. *sigh* It's been one of those days.

So I'm going to try this one more time. Here is my Friday Five for Snacks:

I can get very wrapped up in writing and tend to forget to eat. It sucks because I love food. It also sucks because I am mildly hypoglycemic. I think that is the right word. My sugar bottoms out if I don't eat. Anyways, to combat this (passing out is not fun), I keep some snacks handy. Pretzel rods, gold fish crackers, fresh fruit (apples, oranges, and blackberries oh my!), yogurt (strawberry and keylime), and cubed cheese. These are my go-to snacks. If I hadn't absolutely forbid my better half putting a mini-fridge in the living room by the recliner, I would bring a mini-fridge into my bedroom and stash it under my desk. Besides, what would the guys use to lay their Magic: The Gathering *cough nerds cough* cards on if I took the mini-fridge? I made them get rid of the kitchen table so I had room for a deep freeze!


Booksteve said...

Oddly, I like snacks and I often wish I had some when there are none in the house but I'm not big on them. With my blood pressure, I shouldn't eat potato chips and I hadn't in probably ten years until recently when we've bought a few bags.

Other than that, cereal out of the box sometimes. Usually healthy flakes of some sort but, yes, sometimes Lucky Charms.

On occasion I'll get Oreos. My very first job was selling Oreos at recess in fifth grade!

Oh, and when they're on sale, I go through cycles of keeping my top left computer desk drawer stuffed with Hershey Bars.

Fir my fifth, I s'pose you'd have to count Cokes. Sadly. Inevitably. I can see my tombstone now: He died from Cokes---It was the Real Thing.

Dee said...

Hey I haven't had any soda since the 3rd and so far, I'm not missing it. Coffee keeps my caffeine addiction under control and carbonated flavored water is making me feel like I'm drinking soda of sorts. I'm doing good.

I do love Oreos though. But only if I have milk. I've never really had a sweet tooth so thankfully, healthy-ish snacks are not hard for me. :)