Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My 101st Post

Alright you all, this is my 101st post! I planned to have this update be the 100th, but the London update was more important. Anyhow, maybe I talk to much. Maybe I don't talk enough. I'm still learning this whole blogging thing. But I am enjoying the hell out of it! I cruised passed 800 views sometime last week without realizing it. In fact, I'm beyond 900 already. I'm super excited about all of this. Thank you all for the visits, the comments, and just for being around. You all rock!

Some statistical information for you all if you are interested after the jump.

Posts with the most views: The Chloe Moretz Sunday Sales (85 views); The review of How I Write by J. Evanovich (27 views); the post wishing everyone a safe 4th of July (20 views); and Writing Tech (14 views)

Keyword search leading here is definitely any combination of Chloe Moretz, child actress, and A Knight's Tale.

Top referring blogs: Booksteve's Blog, Ramirez Family Workshop, and whatever re-blogsearch is. That last one may be where Blogger users can jump to a random blog. Big thanks to Booksteve and the Ramirez family. All of those may just have been where you visited but it still rocks.

Where are my visitors: highest number of views have come from the United States. I've also got a good deal of hits coming in from Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Hello to you all!

The top browser viewers use is Safari, followed very closely by Internet Explorer and Firefox. What is Safari? Also, what is GranParadiso? Never heard of those browsers.

Top operating systems viewers use is Windows and Mac naturally. Linux shows up in 3rd. What I find hilarious is that my blog has been accessed by iPad, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPod a few times as well. How neat is that?

Alright enough boring stats (even though I find it fascinating). Have a great Tuesday. Only a few more days until Friday, which I plan on enjoying by going to a movie. It is so rare of me to go to the movies (they look down on consuming alcohol in most theaters for some reason) but Glee 3D is a must see. I'm a hopeless Gleek. Again, thank you all for the views, comments, and support. Lots of love!


Booksteve said...

Safari is mostly me I'd bet. It's the default browser for Mac. When I got the Mac I had never heard of it either but it is SO much easier to use all around than the others so I don't miss them! Only problem is that every now and then certain sites simply don't work in Safari...including government ones!

Dee said...

Thank you! I use Firefox myself mostly but for some reason, Blogger behaves better in Internet Explorer for me.

I still can't post on other peoples' blogs if the comment block is embedded in the post. I've used IE, Firefox, Chrome... none of them will let me post. Frustrating.

Dee said...

I may have fixed the posting issue. Now I'm getting formatting issues with this new template. Argh.

Arts in the Family said...

Hi again.

I forgot to mention that your comment on my drawing finally showed up and it's posted.

Alberto Ramirez Jr.

Arts in the Family said...

Oh, and a really big thanks for the mention in your blog! I'm honored.

Alberto Ramirez Jr.

Dee said...

Hey Alberto, that is great! I can finally post on blogs! We'll see how long that lasts before I somehow screw it up again.

No problem with the mention. Your blog has referred many views and I like to give credit where credit is due. :)