Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tales: Buttercup

A short Tuesday Tales today. Buttercup is the story of a boy named Buttercup. He saw the old witch coming down the road and his mother hid him away. With the offer of a shiny new knife, Buttercup came out of hiding anyways. The Witch told him the knife was in her sack. When he climbed in to get it, she bundled it up and carried him off. At the end of the day, while the witch rested, he escaped the sack and replaced his weight with a root.

The next day, the witch again tempted Buttercup, this time with a shiny spoon. Again, he climbed into the sack and again she carried him off. He escaped when she rested for the night, replacing his weight with a stone.

On the third day, Buttercup was once more captured in the same way. The witch offered him a shiny fork. Except this time, she didn't stop to rest. She went straight home and turned him over to her daughter to cook into a stew. The witch went off to invite friends over for dinner. The daughter, not very bright, was unsure of how to kill Buttercup, so he demonstrated how to cut off his head by having her lay her head on the chopping block.

As soon as she did, he cut the girl's head off. He stuck her head in her bed and stewed her body. He hid on the roof afterward. When the witch and her husband came home (without the friends), they ate up the stew, remarking on the "Buttercup broth." After they ate, Buttercup caused a ruckus outside. The husband and wife rushed outside to see cause of the disruption. As soon as they got outside, Buttercup dropped the root and the stone on their heads, killing them. He then stole all their gold and silver before returning home.

I like this tale but I kept yelling at Buttercup to stop being so damn stupid. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Ya know? But the stupid boy gets tricked into the sack, not twice, but THREE times with shiny things! Really? He redeemed himself at the end in my eyes though. That was pretty slick with the witch's daughter.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS


Booksteve said...

Are you inSANE??!! Get the constabulary! That kid is a thief and a murderer!! And witch? He was a name-caller, too! Did she perform any magic? NO! Just a lonely old lady who wanted some company and had him over to dinner! He kills her kid very viciously and with obvious pre-meditation, then tricks her own parents--her OWN parents!--into EATING her, fergoshsakes!!!! If he was really in danger, he'd have run away at that point but, NOOOO! He sticks around and kills the old lady AND her spouse! Unbelievable!!! And then finally, to prove my point about this extreme juvenile delinquent he doesn't just go home or to the police. No, of course not. He steals anything and everything of value he can get his little hands on! Geez. What a miscreant! We should be seeing BUTTERCUP Wanted posters, not praising him for a job well done! What's wrong with people nowadays!!??

Dee said...

Hahahahahaha. This is why I love you.